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    I’m sorry, this just makes too much sense.

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    I have a personalized business card that I give to everyone I meet. On that card I have a URL to my personalized website where I have a video that offers viewers to come see my resort.

    It’s clean, upfront and basically talks about the essentials.

    …if you like to vacation you’ll have to spend the money anyway so why not have the best accommodations your money can secure….

    And I have made some sales, earn a lot more and am getting ready to crank it up.

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    Good advise but the reality, in general, is that sales people in timeshare are pretty much insecure, lazy and have a follow the pack mentality.

    They show up, take whatever tour they get, even the NQ’s, and they stay with the status quo.

    They do this because even though they can see how much more they could earn per deal doing as has been suggested they seem to compute in their minds and justifications that it just isn’t worth it to go the extra mile.

    Pretty silly but developers love the way they ignorantly tow the line and feed the company store.

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    Couldn’t agree more. Marketing should approach their solicitations this way and before the UPS go on tour the liner needs to double check before they accept the UP. Make the whole deal a take-away.

    And by that I mean that it must be discovered prior to attending the full presentation that they like to vacation, that they vacation fairly regularly and/or would like too and that they have the financial wherewithal to vacation and to become an owner/member.

    You know, pre-sell the basic vacationing concept before any marketing expenses on premiums, gifts etc. are incurred.

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