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    I wish ARDA would change their locations once in awhile; and I don’t mean every third year between Orlando and Hollywood, Fl, about 200 miles as the crow flies.

    As far back as I can remember, it has always been either Vegas or Florida.

    Talk about been there, done that and oh so BORING.

    What about, once in awhile, San Francisco, San Diego, Hawaii, Cancun, Cabo, Dallas, New Orleans, Seattle, Atlanta, San Antonio, Myrtle Beach, Denver, Austin, New York, Salt Lake City, Nashville or Branson… Maybe somewhere across the ponds….

    Maybe that would bring some new blood into the mix too? I don’t know, but, I too, won’t be going this year.

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    marge lennon

    Maybe, Scoop, just maybe, the vendors you mentioned who have booths at the ARDA conference do no have access to a professional publicist to write and distribute their press releases. I am happy to do this at a reasonable cost per press release, without a long, complex contract.

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    I was told by an insider last week from ARDA HQ that the number of vendors and the general attendance will be down again this year something like 20%.

    Can’t verify that but I’ll be there and look forward to the awards.

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    Forget about the $900 per hour to exhibit at arda or scoops ridiculous offer of $623.89 an hour to m/s ; I’ll do it for a flat $200 per hour.

    That’s one hell of a drop!

    To get the ball rolling and to take advantage of my super duper offer, goodwill, kind nature and generosity; simply bank wire the first two-weeks (80 hours) post money of $16,000.00 to my account in Belize and I’ll pick up the phone here in Panama and get ‘er done!

    100% money back guarantee!

    P.S. That was USD! (LMAO)

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    What’s up in Panama Rex?

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    Everyone from the developer down to housekeeping plays an integral part in our industry.

    All have critical rolls and ARDA awards various departments each year but in my opinion the association is missing out or maybe just not giving sufficient credit to the people that bring it all together.

    If marketing wasn’t inviting the sales guests and if liners and closers weren’t selling/closing those sales guests there would be no industry, no Arda, no nothing.

    Think about it Arda.

    If, for example, the top 30% (performers) of all marketers, all liners, all closers, all front-to-backers and all managers (of those departments) were actually invited to the love fest you would swell the ranks of attendees and especially if you had a ceremony to celebrate, respect and honor the best of the best including the ones that didn’t make the cut.

    You may not like or understand it Arda but it takes an entire village to keep the tribal leaders plump.

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    Today is my DO, out late last night and Just woke up, read this thread and I could care less about being invited to ARDA.

    Yesterday I closed, clean and pressed, a $48-K all cash deal and life is fantastic.

    Just keep me in supply with quality shots, pay me quickly, include SPIFFS, bonuses, full benefits and I’ll leave the rest of the drama for everyone else.

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    I disagree with Larry who sounds like a million dollar (plus) closer in annual net volume; as I am.

    Personally I closed $1.8 Million in business during 2015 and am on track for the same in 2016.

    Those of us on the line cover all the overhead including the Exec salaries, the CPA’s salary, the Attorney’s salary, the HR department salaries, Admin and all their bonuses, their benefits and all the other perks they get and it is us that generates profits for the developers.

    That is one hell of a responsibility and as far as I can see ARDA doesn’t make any developer one penny so they should not only invite the top producers to the convention they should fly us in on private jets, provide us suites, a daily per-diem and access to all the Gala events.
    I have spoken!

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    My UP today, an unmarried couple both being 25 bought an exit deal for for $1,000.

    Hope they don’t kick!

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    I don’t think the association gives one hoot about those of us that make their very existence possible.

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