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    Good morning all.

    I can hear the gasps and imagine developers reading this holding their chests (LMAO).

    But it makes sense though I would probably scale the pay system.

    I’d have new liners paid something like $35,000. Closers at $50,000 and front to backers at $75,000; and also have a bonus plan everyone can shoot for too.

    But I won’t hold my breath

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    The only way things will change is when every developer has to work the line.

    After a week they might get it; but after 90 days taking tours it should get through and then and only then would any changes come about.

    But like Anonymous said, I too, won’t hold my breathe.

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    As a top closer I don’t think most of them will like your idea.

    Why would we want to give up $100-$200-K that we’re pulling down now?

    And as far as the bonus plan you suggested; remember those reserve funds that mysteriously were never returned over the years?

    Nope, I’m not for this deal at all!

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    Nice try. Take the tour. Take your best shot. Close the deals. Collect your commissions.

    If you don’t like it then hit the pavements and try cold calling.

    Or, pick up the phone, make a hundred outbound’s and try the same thing.

    You all are so lucky to even have this gig; so stop your moaning because all you have to do is show up to work, keep your ideas and mouths shut and make money!

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    While John is part right the problem is we have to take the tours we’re provided and there all those times when we all get a hot run and close deal after deal and then there are those times when the tours can’t even afford an exit deal.

    For the latter; it sucks to work a full week or two and have no check.

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    I’m one of the luck ones. We have high income tour qualifications. We have full benefits. We don’t take debit card or check book tour’s We have daily spiffs. A reasonable bonus pop that I almost always hit and we have a great sales manager who treats us all well. And our pay checks are always on time and no funny business on charge-backs and no timely payments scams either.

    Having once worked on the dark-side I know why some of you aren’t happy so you need to think about working for another developer or just get out of the business.

    For all of us here; leave everything alone.

    Thank you

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