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    What is happening to a lot of our veterans, at many levels, is an abomination and totally unacceptable.

    Another thing that I’ve always found disgraceful is during memorial weekend are all the businesses running their TV ads promoting special discounts; the exact same discounts they offer all year long anyway!

    They just change the name of the drop.

    This very moment a car dealer here is running their non-stop TV ads about cash for clunkers and that we can get up to $5,000 credit for a beater.

    They want us to think the offer is only available this memorial weekend and not one word honoring those who gave their all.

    There ought to be a law banning commercialization of any kind for at least a couple hours on days like Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, Independence Day and Veterans day etc.

    A moratorium on all commercials for even one hour sometime during those days would at least show some kind of dignity, respect and honor.

    The airways are suppose to be owned by us and if they can’t give these unnecessary ads a rest for 1 hour (out of a 24 hour day), a few days each year, I charge they are all unconscionable, immoral, wrong and disgusting.

    I wouldn’t object so much if they ran their ads on those days and just said, on behalf of their company and employees, how they support that days remembrance and purpose but most of them instead just pump and dump whatever in the hell they’re hawking and that’s it.


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    The idea of 80,300 war veterans committing suicide the last 10 years is difficult to comprehend.

    Thinking on that and being a big time Collegiate and NFL fan I checked the seating capacity of some stadiums and that is when I understood the enormous devastation of those veterans lives.

    The MetLife stadium seats 82,500 fans.

    The Bobby Bowden Field seats 82,300 fans.

    The AT&T stadium seats 80,000 fans.

    Pick your stadium and then picture all those seats filled all those Vets and it is bizarre.

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    The real meaning of Memorial Day.

    They endured the incredible earth shaking noise and massive destruction of bombs exploding all about and the stench of burring bodies from incendiary weapons used on the fields of war.

    They died on the ground, the seas and the skies above.

    They were mortally wounded by all manner of ambushes in kill zones that included booby traps and enemy combatants armed with automatic weapons firing simultaneously at a deafening, frightening and overwhelming per second rate of 500-900 rounds from each combatant they faced

    Pistols, machine guns, tanks, mortars, bayonets, knives, hand grenades, rocket propelled grenades, artillery, flame throwers and other lethal weapons were used to kill them.

    We never saw the blood spewing from what remained of their convulsing bodies with only seconds or minutes left to live.

    Among those not instantly killed we heard not their blood curdling screams for God, a buddy or their loved ones back home as their mutilated bodies lay dying on a battle field of massive carnage.

    They followed orders; Duty, honor, respect, sacrifice and devotion to country was their maxim.

    They asked us for nothing.

    Their income was a pittance.

    Those captured but never released and listed as missing in action endured unimaginable torture, starvation and suffering on our behalf at the hands of our enemies.

    When their remains were recoverable and returned home we provided a military Honor Guard, a gun-salute and played Taps during a brief flag folding ceremony at their grave sites.

    We then handed the folded U.S. flag to any survivors accompanied by a few thoughtful words, a medal or two, a stipend and then we left their survivors to fend for themselves for the rest of their lives.

    Every Memorial Day I am humbled, deeply moved, grateful and thankful for the sacrifices of the fallen, their families and those in uniform right now that may perish today.

    And I’m also very grateful for those Americans who remember them and place flags, flowers and hold ceremonies at their final resting places honoring the totality of the losses and their individual sacrifices for our nation.

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    This is for Ken (above) and anyone else interested.

    On a Google news feed tonight one of the headlines (from Forbes.com):

    “How To Find The Best Memorial Day Sales”.

    The article was written by self professed “retail geek – “Laura Heller” who is a “contributor” for the publication.

    There were two other articles right below hers (by two other writers) and of the 3 only one made any basic reference to the meaning of Memorial Day.

    The one that did it used only a few words and then on went about the sales and naming some of the same corporations mentioned in the other two articles.

    Disgusted, I closed down my browser, grabbed the remote, turned on the TV to catch the opening of SNL and before the show started it was more companies selling their MD specials without one word honoring our fallen troops.

    So there you have it Ken.

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