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    I think you’re on to something Watson.

    Its getting to the point that most of us won’t do anything without going online first .

    Buying a new cphone? Check consumer reports first

    Buying a new or used car? Go to Edmunds or KBB; or get the invoice before you even go to the dealer.

    Buying a term insurance policy? No shortage of online discount houses.

    Buying a timeshare? What about tug or e-bay

    Want to know why the sky is blue? Ask Google or Bing!

    As for Airbnb? Just checked out some places and couldn’t believe the deals.

    I fear we’re all in for a rude awakening so we must make hay while we can.

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    If you don’t sell clean you can be sure that at least 50% (minimum) of your cancellations within days of them buying is because of online content, opinions and what not.

    That happens because buyers remorse sets in and they look for a reason to cancel so they get online and find out that they were lied to and that is their out.

    Selling and closing clean is the only way to pitch; and no, owning a times does not cure cancer, does not increase your life span, does not enhance sexual performance or improve a marriage and there is no limo waiting at every airport around the world to meet them and bring them to the resort.

    If you’re going to survive; get real with yourself and the sales guests or start looking for a car lot that is hiring.

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    Scoop, as you point out, the alternate vacation options from AirBnb and others do affect the timeshare marketplace. But, I think the internet’s most critical effect on the industry is your phrase “online reputations that are less than stellar.” All one has to do is google any timeshare company and follow that with “lies,” “problems,” “complaints,”or “regrets.” One notices that maybe the gifts are bogus. Maybe it’s not 90 minutes. Maybe it’s not “No pressure.” And maybe the reservation system requires more than a week’s notice.

    Timeshare is still a product that is “sold” rather than “purchased.” And the next generation may realize that long term vacation contracts are not their cup of tea.

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    It is bad enough for those that work a line with minimal income requirements and the ages of the tours being as young as 25 or beyond 60.

    Then we have to deal with the overall reputation and that includes the general consensus as well as online and all the sellers they read about trying to unload their deals.

    And there are the professional tours that literally plan on visiting one or more sales presentations while they are on vacation.

    I had one like that just this. They not only already own enough points; but proudly boasted that they have been to “4 or 5” over the last few years. And when the 2 hours was up they wanted their gifts and to leave then and there.

    Get a clue developers!

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    I can’t say we started it (sharing economy) all but I will say whenever you market anything to millions of people each year and you do so for over 5 decades some of those people will surely be business minded and decide they could take the timeshare model and start a company like or similar to Airbnb.

    I also agree, based on the growth rate of that company and others the appeal of owning a timeshare interest is becoming less and less attractive.

    Seize the day is also great advise because even though a fully reconditioned Model T is still marketable and popular I don’t think there are that many buyers.

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