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    And speaking of tours we should never take; specifically

    That includes very young sales guests

    The day was ending and I was on point. The line closed but I had to remain because their was one more inbound tour; I was told that it was a great shot.

    Then they show’d up with the OPC (it was a direct).

    Cohabiting; he was 25 she was 28 with back-packs in tow.

    Of course I did what I was suppose to do (F/B; and of course, they had only been a couple for a few months so you know the outcome; especially since he was also a part-time Liberal Arts student and she was the one with a CC.

    They couldn’t even swing a exit deal.

    So I lost my point position for the next morning (Grrrrr); and so I agree we need to clean up our marketing and sales presentations, stop touring everyone under the sun and start selling, not TS, but vacation homes to people that can afford them.

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    Stop it; you’re making sense again.

    What is your problem?

    Don’t you have anything better to do then to try and clean up this dog and pony show? (LMAO)

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    I’ve always sold the vacation home deal; everything else is gravy!

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    My wife and I have owned for many years and when we vacation at our home resort we are treated very special. they are always genuinely glad to see us return and roll out the red carpet treatment.

    But when we exchange into other resorts like our last trip to Cancun we are usually treated just like any other tourist.

    A number; that really doesn’t matter.

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