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    Love the one you’re with baby!

    If a developer wanted to see their numbers double or triple; no problem.

    A. Market what we sell to the demographic that likes, may use and might be able to afford what we sell in the first place.

    B. No more churn and burn on the sales line. Give each liner and each closer no more than two shots a day. If they know two is the max watch them work it to the bone.

    C. Bump the bottom line prices by 3%. For all fully processable deals split the 3% between the house and the floor and pay out, in cash, the 1.5% as a SPIFF on the day after the recession to each liner and closer that made a deal from that day.

    Developers make more and those of us on the line can get back to old school; live off the spiffs and bank the checks!

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