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    Here’s a dirty little secret.

    The developers are in it for the cash too; and they want it now – ‘TODAY ONLY’ because the also know that CASH IS KING!

    Wake up and smell the coffee before it is to late.

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    Me love you long time for cash!

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    Spiff (Special or Sales performance incentive fund).

    Spiffs motivate performance!

    I use to work at a track that paid a small spiff on each processable deal but we didn’t get them until payday so during the morning meeting we only got the acknowledgement.

    Then when payday rolled around if we had any cancellations they’d try and take the spiff back even if the earned spiff was not the deal that cancelled.

    All cash deals should have an extra spiff too cause cash is king and all cash on the tables is the fastest way the developer also gets the cash.

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    I love cash spiffs and we still get them. They’re not only motivating but they force everyone to go the extra mile.

    The liner works smarter and those of us on the back end don’t rush in and out of each table.

    My biggest cash spiff was $400.00 and that morning when they paid me, first T/O I took right after the meeting I was so pumped that I closed another deal that paid me another $150 cash spiff.

    I would never work anywhere that didn’t pay cash spiffs!

    TS Rocks!

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