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    Years ago when I was young, gullible, foolish, wild, crazy, naive and new to Mexico I thought I had it made in the shade working for Grupo Situr; a subsidiary of the then powerful Grupo Sidek.

    We sold the Sun Club at PLG (Plaza Las Glorias) back then and it was one of the best 25 year RTU deals around with resorts in all the hot places including Cabo, Vallarta, Cozumel, Playa and Cancun…

    Many of us were rocking and rolling making good money and my future seemed so bright (including promotional opportunities) that I even bought a casita from Situr and decided to stay for the duration working with one of the most powerful developers in Mexico and then, ultimately, would retire there living the good life.

    Then, out of the blue the beginning to the end came in December of 1994 with the financial crisis and overnight the Mexican government devalued the Peso against the U.S. dollar; not long after Situr and my future was history.

    So the advise to “make some serious plans today” is wise; but regardless of how great everything seems today, or who we work with, none of us can predict what tomorrow will bring except, that is, change is inevitable.

    We can only prepare!

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    1/2 Full or 1/2 Empty?

    The hour glass was turned over back with Cendant bought RCI.

    When fixed and float weeks were treated like dinosaurs.

    When legacy resorts sold out beginning the deep plunge as owners began defaulting on their annual maintenance fees.

    When RCI, II and developers all started renting out their weeks to Joe and Mary Lunch Bucket; a practice that continues to this day.

    Then came all the other vacation options to rent; from private home owner’s to extended stay hotel operators.

    Then came the consolidations and mergers.

    Seems the sand timer is on the back nine and when we get to the nineteenth hole the well may be dry.

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    We must all make as many sales as possible.

    And we must save our money, invest and be prepared.

    I think there is a great future ahead for those of us working for the best developers and I am thankful every day for where and who I work for.

    Great leadership from the top down; and they treat us all well with great pay and benefits too.

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    Maybe it is the other way around (or ought to be).

    ‘Breaking News: Las Vegas, NV – DRI buy’s Wyn and Marriott.

    I’d be all for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Forget about it; take the tour, sell the dream, close the deal, cash the check and stop the moaning.

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    Time waits not.

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery; today is all we have.

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