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    The Mexican Government could shut this down in one day because they control the banks there. But like most other countries the banks don’t care as long as no noise is made and as long as they make money from all the bank wires and the funds deposited.

    The American and Canadian Banks could shut it down too simply by collecting the bank account numbers and then block any transfers to those accounts; but that is just to damn simple now isn’t it?

    Maybe the U.S., Canadian and Mexican federal governments ought to hold hearings and spend millions more for some private consulting firms to study the problem and report back their findings’.

    Shouldn’t take more than five or six years and then all three governments could send their official representatives and the consultants on an all expense tax payer funded two week jaunt to, say, Tahiti for a convention, to compare their finding’s and then submit their preliminary recommendations for further review and consideration………………..

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    Shame on you anonymous (LMAO)

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    Stating the obvious; this would have never been a problem if, by the late 1990’s or early 2000’s developers the world over created an exit program.

    One that when owners lifestyle changes, and change it surely does, there was an out for them.

    To this day most developers turn a blind eye to that and the motto of “you bought, you own it” rules the day.

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