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    During these politically correct times I’m sure you didn’t mean perk-less; but instead you wanted to say ‘P….-less’ … (LMAO).

    But you are correct all all counts.

    I had a good friend who worked for one of those developers some years back and when he became really ill he landed in the hospital for about a week and a half and then died.

    With no insurance his wife had to pay off all the medical bills and that left her flat broke within a month.

    That developer didn’t so much as send flowers or attend the funeral either.

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    I was in a car wreck once, broke my jaw and it was wired up so I couldn’t work for about 6 weeks. I had insurance so that took care of most everything but during that time I was also a 1099’er and lost $12-K in commissions because I had no disability insurance.


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    Days working the sales line quickly becomes weeks.

    Those weeks rapidly become months and those months soon turn into years.

    I spent nearly 5 loyal years as a ISR for 1 developer. Other than commissions we had nothing.

    Then tragedy hit my family and I requested a two month advance against future commissions to get us through the crisis. Request denied.

    So I thought things over for a few days and having a young daughter to raise I decided to give a 2 week notice and seek a better future; of course, I was immediately fired and the company kept my reserve funds too.

    To all who read my post; go with option #1 above.

    Stop gambling your futures away and stop making the PL developers millions each year and securing their futures.

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    Someone e-mailed me your article and though this forum does not appear to be for timeshare owners; as owners of 4 weeks I felt compelled to comment.

    As people of faith my husband and I own a small business, employ 8 staff members, 5 who’ve been with us almost since the beginning and we treat everyone like family.

    And because of their hard work and dedication we live a good life and we can also afford to provide everyone good salary’s with benefits.

    I am disturbed by this article and find the practice of those developers an abomination; pure evil.

    1 Timothy 5:18 teaches us (KJV): “For the scripture saith, though shall not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And the labourer is worthy his reward”.

    To those depraved developers; Your day of Judgment will soon arrive and I ask everyone reading this to pray for your souls before it is to late.

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    I joined as a co administrator of a facebook page Fhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/floridaassociationoftimeshareemployees/ and offered to prepare a Timeshare Professionals Bill of Rights. A declaration with the intent to publish, promote and negotiate as an advocacy (rather than a Union) on behalf of ALL Industry professionals inclusive of the Developers with a tack towards quid pro quo and a “win-win” situation. I encouraged page followers to share with others and to express their enthusiasm to inspire me to complete this document and take up the crusade. In several years there have been a little over 100 people simply ‘like’ the page. Timeshare professionals seem to have a much harder time ‘asking for the money’ when it is THEIR MONEY.

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    Hey Raylando; your link didn’t work but you did nail one thing.

    Timeshare professionals seem to have a much harder time ‘asking for the money’ when it is THEIR MONEY.

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    This afternoon liners and closers are wrapping up their day and the majority are heading home knowing they didn’t earn a living.

    As they leave their sales centers, they hope tomorrow will bring them a deal.

    The next day, no deal.

    So they hope the following day they’ll at least get that tour that likes to travel, can afford to do so and has the income to make it all happen.

    All of us have value and if we show up for work we should be paid for our time because we all have to follow all the policies of the ‘man’, all the processes, all the procedures, sit through all the meeting’s and we have absolutely no control over whose hand(s) we shake starting with each new wave each new day.

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    Commish only would be okay if they paid us a flat rate of 25 on each deal.

    They keep 75% (gross), plus the high interest on the note, the annuals and the money owners spend at their resorts so these developers with no benefits can afford and should pay more commissions.

    And if they don’t carry the paper; they sell the notes at a small discount, cash out and get all that upfront.

    We all should also get a cut of the money we raise for the exchange companies too.

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    While looking for my next family vacation I came across this site and I can’t believe it hasn’t changed since I left.

    As a former timeshare closer who was let go after the crash I had to fine another gig that paid well (and fast).

    And I did. I went to school, became licensed and started selling insurance.

    Every time I close a deal I get my commission up front. I’m building residual income for the future and I have incredible leads (provided). Prospects that have actually asked for more information; does it get any better than that?

    I now earn more than I would ever had in timeshare and along with being fully vested I have an employer sponsored stock option, retirement plan and life and major medical insurance coverage that would blow your minds.

    So I say to all my former pals still working for bad developers.

    Take your timeshare sales and closing skills and look at other industries.

    It’s a playground out here offering an awesome future, living and lifestyle just of the asking!

    Best wishes to all.

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    Don’t worry about and I don’t care if CNN Money is reporting that retired couples will spend $266-K on Medicare PREMIUMS during their retirement years. Probably more left leaning CNN BS anyway.

    And even if Medicare doesn’t cover everything; So what, I’m sure we can come up with the shortfall somewhere.

    Besides we should have our home paid off by the time we retire and then we’ll only have to pay our annual property taxes, any other Federal/State/City/County including income taxes due; plus our utilities, our food, clothing and entertainment.

    By then we won’t even have any car payments so we’ll just need to cover gas, maintenance and insurance.

    Easy-peasy; no need to sweat the small stuff!

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    The future will always be full of pitfalls, stumbling blocks and uncertainties which is why it is so incredibly important to anchor with a TSD that not only has benefits but is most likely to be around for many decades to come.

    If I were starting out in this era where everything is changing so rapidly I would take it on the chin now.

    I would save as much as I could from every paycheck.

    I would not, if possible, let one pay day lapse without putting something aside; regardless of how small an amount.

    All Spiffs and bonuses would be saved too.

    I would also start some sort of a modest investment plan that would fit into my budget.

    In the beginning that could be as simple and as easy as buying a couple silver coins (like Morgan SD’s) each pay day and storing them for the future.

    I would live well; not wild.

    I would not buy an expensive car (every few years); what a waste of money.

    My home would be modest and I would have a 10 or 15 year mortgage instead of a 30 year one.

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    Mexico Mike

    I think most developers in the States offer full benefits; at least the bigger independents and the Brands.

    The developers that don’t probably never will.

    Down here in Mexico I don’t know of any developers that provide benefits.

    I could be wrong because I’ve only been here for about 8 months.

    And I have heard that there is suppose to be some kind of a union or association that a few developers use and that the Expat liners, closers, manages and OPC’s actually work directly for that union or association.

    The developer pays the union or association all the commissioned earned each pay period and then they pay everyone else and I’ve also heard that everyone is covered by IMSS for their health care.

    But don’t quote me. I’ll ask around this week and if I find out more I’ll post it here.

    I love it down here. The UPS are great. The hours are great and I’m having the time of my life. Plus, I’m in my 30’s and in great health so I’m going to ride the good times as long as they last.

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    Wake up everybody. I just heard from, as he often says, “an old fart” that is a friend and he sent me a link to this thread.

    He had a stroke a while back and can no longer work. He was on our line for many years and though much older than most of us everyone liked him including his tours as he always sold in the top 30%.

    A widower, alone, with no children and not well he wrote me saying, in part:

    ….and pay attention to that article because for us old-farts that paved the way in 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s there were few if any benefits or developer sponsored retirement plans around; not even unemployment insurance. Today, among those of us still living, we’re now all 60 (+), put out to pasture; drawing, if we are lucky, a $1,200 a month SS check and if able, many are working odd jobs to earn a little extra cash. Don’t let this happen to you and your lovely family my friend. Being in your 40’s you are still very young and have time to prepare but I caution you that the time will go by very fast and before you know it you too will be an old-fart ;). But I kid you not. You need to get out of the dead end slot as quickly as you can even if you have to move your family to another area….


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