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    You forgot to mention the famous glory story; usually by a manager who constantly tells of a time 30 years ago when he personally closed a 25 year old on a four (white) week package; or how he closed the 75 year old widower that bought 8 weeks so that Gramps could Will one week (each) to his grandchildren so they’d remember him for ever and ever (LMAO!)

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    After graduation the average college debt is $30,000 and most don’t own homes.

    They live with their parents or cohabitate with someone just to get by.

    If they own a car it is used and finding a good paying career offering security and full benefits is a major challenge because of the sharing economy.

    Many are putting off marriage and starting families and others don’t want anything to do, at least for now, with that lifestyle.

    Even if they like the idea of vacationing regularly they have many other options w/o the need to bind themselves to more debt, high interest payments, annual dues and exchange fees.

    So when we get these tours and then we’re asked “where did you get weak?”; I could just scream.

    I don’t understand why developers bring in the 25-30 year olds and I don’t understand why they also bring in the 70-75 year olds.

    The age range should be 35-60; not 25-75!

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    Long time reader first time poster.

    What you (Scoop, and everyone else) need to understand is that as long as the developers and management make bank they could care less about increasing sales, improving stats or retaining one of their most important assets, personnel.

    It’s all a masses game designed so the house wins and the individual be damned.

    In case you also didn’t know; developers and management don’t start their day out asking or thinking how they can improve their numbers.

    Nope, instead they start each day looking at what they did yesterday and as long as that worked they go about doing the same things today.

    Shortsighted to be sure; but they’ve done well with their formula and you’ve got to give them that.

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