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    Nothing better than going in to close when the liner sold the deal.

    When they do; it’s like every table is a laydown and closing is a walk in the park!

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    To many waves is a problem too.

    Many on the line churn and burn, liners and closers, because like a junkie they are always looking forward to their next fix (wave).

    If the liner doesn’t like or get along with the UP they rush through, flip, and back to the reception area they go if not being held as room-fill.

    If the closer doesn’t like, get along with or work the tour; they are on and off the table as fast as possible hoping to get another shot during that wave or the next one soon coming in the door.

    I saw a ad on Craigslist last week for a vacation club and they claimed to have 8 waves a day. What a zoo that must be.

    Two shots a day should be the limit. That would cut out the spin to win angle.

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    As good as that all sounds you know they don’t give one hoot about improving sales results.

    If they did, they would have done what needs to be done a long time before you started posting your opinion.


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    I stopped working as a TO long ago when I realized most of the time I had to redo the front anyway.

    Now I control everything and earn the front end commish too.

    No more splitting spiffs and hitting bonus is more realistic.

    And I agree with Pete; two tours a day is the right number because when you have three or more a day, sooner or later, you are going to cut corners.

    I average 12 shots a week and net a 25% close. My base commish is 10% and my average deal is $13.5-K.

    Do the math. Life is great!

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    Nothin’ better than listening.

    I love to ask questions and then kick back and watch them sell themselves even when they bad mouth TS and puke all over the place because that helps the setup for the close.

    TS Rocks and Rolls and we’re the best!

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    I see I have to say it again.

    Take the UP, sell the tour, earn the commission, collect the check and shut the F_ _ k up!

    Are we perfectly clear?

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    Good Morning All. Just got updated on all the hap’s and before I head into to make another bunch of money I wanted to add.

    If we gave away (what we sell) for no cost; 9 out of 10 would sign up today!

    Moral to the story?

    Sell like you are a believer; and more tours will buy from you.

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    Give it away? Are you nuts (LMAO)!

    I closed a deal today for 36 ($) big ones!

    Ya got to love AMEX too because 12 of it went on the card and being the end of the month I hit bonus too!

    My only problem now is to figure out what to do with all this money.

    Should I save it, invest it or just have a grand old time on payday.

    Decisions, decisions and more decisions.

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    I love this business.

    I make great money, work with great people and have a hell of a great time.

    I don’t know of any better gig around!

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