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    Thanks for this. I am new and look forward to learning more because the training I went through was rather short.

    Do you also do online training seminars?

    I would love to watch those too.


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    I agree that about 1/2 of all tours shouldn’t be in the room in the first place.

    Imagine what would happen if developers figured that out; and cleaned house.

    Sales would go through the roof!

    But they don’t care as long as they make bank and for the rest of us it is sink or swim.

    So along with Kerry I, too, look forward to the follow up on closing 40%; but I’m not a believer yet.

    Prove me wrong.

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    Give them a fish and they’ll eat for the day; teach them how to fish and the’ll eat forever!

    I just made that up (LMAO)!

    Make money every day is my Motto!

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    Been following you from Mexico and just returned to the U.S. as the season down there is a wrap until the end of the year.

    I’m looking for a clean cradle to the grave deal and want to avoid the body shops.

    If anyone knows anything post it here.



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    Awesome! Look forward to the next one!!!!!!

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    I said it before (several times here) and I’ll say it again.

    Take the tour, close the deal, collect the commission and shut the ***k UP!

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    When we get marketing under control and don’t allow the too young and the elderly into our sales room that alone will increase our numbers.

    Everyone seems to know that but the insanity continues.

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    In theory it all sound good but I also agree with Frank too.

    This is the greatest business I know of and the money is awesome, fast and furious.

    I suppose it matters where you’re at; but I wake up each morning, look forward to going in, having fun, meeting new people from everywhere and making more money that 90% of the rest of America.

    So I’ll read your next series but I’m one happy camper as it is and today I’m going to head in and make and deal.

    Half the battle is always our own attitude so check that out first.

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    Good on you Bert; I closed a whopper today.

    All cash! $36,000.00 out the door.

    As was said by others; we have the best deal around!

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    If anyone has a bad deal, change to good one.

    Pretty simple.

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