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    Scoop, the American public is fed up with unsolicited calls from people who “need the sale more than the customer needs the purchase.” We ALL go home to be free from harassment. And, I would bet your “poor friend” knows that he and his employer are violating the DNC rules. I don’t need my computer fixed – I don’t owe the IRS any more money – and I don’t want to lick any stamps for the next charity. Leave me the F*** alone!

    I would also think that any timeshare company would be less than smart to contact future prospects by means of unsolicited phone calls. Any AG worth his/her salt would love to have a file on that.

    As far as driving new tours? It is the GIFT my friend. It’s always about the gift. Without it, there are no tours…… JMHO. And 90 minutes??

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    Give me your phone number John; I’ve got this bridge that I’m sure you’ll just love as soon as I can call ya up and tell you all about it and the incredible return on investment (LMAO)!

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    What’s the gift and is it 90 minutes or less? Everybody else in the world has my phone number. Why don’t you?

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    The gift John is knowing about the deal and the incredible ROI.

    But it won’t take 90 minutes.

    I can tell you are a player and a decider so we’ll wrap it up in under 20 Minutes.

    Just make sure when I call (I found your phone number by the way) that you have your A/E Platinum Card handy so you can put a $50-K deposit to seal the deal and then I’ll give you the B/W instructions for you to forward the balance due within 12 hours.

    Hell, I’ll even throw in a vacation to Tahiti in a beautiful ocean front 4,000 sq. ft. Villa that sleeps up to 8 and I’ll toss in two round trip first class tickets as well.

    Look for my call John this coming Monday A.M. at 9:00 (your time zone).

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    I don’t know how those telemarketers do it; but I thank them and street OPC’s for what they do!


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    When you think about it the whole timeshare model and industry was built from the ground up over many decades and around the world with no hourly, no base or draws for all the marketing and sales reps; so what this phone room is doing is nothing new.

    Same with charge backs; but it wasn’t mentioned if this phone room also has reserve funds withheld; which would never be returned.

    In any event, I love selling TS’s and can’t imagine a better deal offering the kind of money many of us earn.

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    If true that 94% of their time on the phones is wasted the owners of the marketing company need a good thrashing for being incompetent, dense and out right stupid.

    They could be eating rib-eye steaks; but they are stuffed little pigs satisfied with the scraps and slop from their under performing operation.

    I wonder it those on the phones there have any idea that they have so much down time?

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    Mr. Anonymous, it’s after 10:30 pm, and no call from you. No details on your magic proposal. Why did you leave me hanging? Were your just scribbling on your yellow legal pad? Writing upside down so everything would look so professional? I’ve got the credit. And I’ve got the cash. You just have to show me that you are not a hot air balloon looking for a soft landing. Can you put something in writing? Maybe on this site….. Or, are you just selling hot air?

    I imagine that anything you say might not be in the contract. Just my guess. I might need you to explain where the rescission instructions are. Just for our “mutual” protection.

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    Rescission instructions John?

    This is, I mean, was, an investment opportunity with no cancellation clause like the provisions in a consumer contract whereby the poor darlings wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats, in the fetal position and crying about a recent decision they had made with all the facts laid out in front of them for their full review and consideration.

    Sad little creatures when you think about it!

    And I did call at the time and day that I said I would but only your voice mail picked up and because time is money, because money never sleeps and, as you know John, money talks and BS walks I didn’t bother leaving a voice message and instead called my other HNWI contacts.

    The deal was sold within hours after I called you; and the funds have already landed and cleared.

    My recommendation to you John is the next time you get a phone call that you pick up the phone and take a few minutes out of your day and listen to what the caller has to say because, as you also know John, opportunity will never penetrate a closed mind or waste time on those that can’t make a decision and then stick to their guns.

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