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    You forgot many also think that “buyers are liars” or “they’re all cheats and liars”.

    Not that I think that way but a whole bunch of others do and many that do so really aren’t doing that well in life themselves.

    Go figure!

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    I believe your assertions are correct and many tracks and those on the line also spin to win.

    As long as developers support that system nothing will ever change as those developers are satisfied with high cancellations, low closing’s and embarrassingly low VPG’s.

    And that is also true because those developers’ make bank based mostly on the volume of bodies they flood the floor with.

    It’s their business model and their key to their success.

    Throw it against the wall and see what sticks!

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    Treat all your tours that way and you’ll write a ton of business!

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    I’m in full agreement as to how we should treat every sales guest.

    I also know, as everyone does, some sales guests should never be invited in the first place and if those could be weeded out and not allowed in I believe sales, across the board, would increase a lot.

    Some people just don’t like to vacation in style. Some people can’t afford to vacation regularly and some people could care less about the quality of their vacationing experience either.

    Eliminate those people from the mix and just watch the numbers increase!

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