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    I still have a $1 paycheck I received many years ago when I was new.

    At the end of the day when the sales manager handed me an envelop with my check inside I was pretty sure how much it would be so I didn’t open the envelop until I arrived at the bank.

    Needing the cash that weekend I didn’t fill out a deposit slip and when my turn came around to step up to the teller’s window that is when I opened the envelop to find a check made out to me for $1 (one dollar).

    It was to late by then to go back to our payroll department to find out why my check was short a whole bunch of earned commissions and when Monday rolled around I was told by payroll that earlier charge backs had wiped out all the commissions I earned during the most recent pay period.

    I wasn’t believing that so asked to see the cancellation notices and was told I couldn’t.

    I raised a stink, was fired (later that day) so I then asked for the immediate return of my reserve fund.

    I was then told by my manager that I could come back in 4 weeks and would get my $2,000 returned at that time.

    4 weeks past, I went into collect my money and was then told that I had more charge backs and that I now owed the developer money because my $2,000 held in reserves was not sufficient to cover the developers losses.


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    You tale of woe Tom is all to familiar.

    Practices that go back to the beginning.

    I only switched to 4 different developers over the many years and three of them never returned my reserve fund; same excuse, cancellations.

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    Commissions should never be paid during the rescission period.

    Once that has passed and if the deal sticks commissions are fully earned and should be paid in full each week thereafter.

    Same goes for bonuses too!

    Commission only also needs to be replaced with a livable salary and a monthly or quarterly bonus plan that is realistic and achievable.

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    We should charge back developers for every NQ we have to haul.

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