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    if time is money then so is work; and we spend way to much time working for no money because to many developers can’t get their ‘Q’ acts together when it comes to affordability and the tours income.

    They don’t even get that a household income in one region takes more (actual dollars) income in another region to buy the sames things – pay the rent, make the house payment, the cars, car insurance, food, entertainment and everything else.

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    Money, or in this instance, income, makes the world go round and when we don’t have what it takes to insist we are paid what we earn and more importantly what we are worth then we are merely standing on the sidelines watching the parade.

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    Sales is a tough gig. I sold debit life insurance in the mid-70s. That industry is gone. So is encyclopedia sales. Have you seen a Fuller Brush salesman lately? The only constant in life is “change.”

    Developers have done and always will do what’s best for them. And unionizing a fragmented industry is totally impossible. Reality…..

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      Hi John,

      I sold “encyclopedia’s” when I first started out.

      Talk about a clean and easy deal and the commish was great back then too.

      The only thin g I didn’t like was going into peoples homes.

      That was a real eye opener!

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    The thing about the “100 Man Story” is that it is basically true; even if there was no such study.

    We all make money, we all grow older and we all will go on to that great and forever vacation in the sky.

    And yes, many will face financial challenges and illness; many will not recover from either.

    Today is all we really have and as is said yesterday is history and tomorrow can be a mystery so make hay while the sun shines right now.

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