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    UCOQ = Uniform Code Of Qualifications!

    That is exactly what the industry needs.

    Instead, there are developers that require income levels between $40,000 to $70,000 range.

    Some insist the tour has two major credit cards, others are okay with one credit card and other developers only require a debit card or a check book and I’ve heard other developers don’t care at all and just want the bodies.

    On the low end their claim is that they have a product that fits that budget and on the high end they have a higher VPG because their points cost an arm and a leg.

    Uniformity, at any level in our industry, has never been our strongest suit.

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    Take the tour, pitch, close the deal, collect the commission and stop your moaning!

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    Wake up developers and smell the frickin’ coffee!

    Even within cities and counties the cost of living varies greatly.

    That includes gas prices, buying a home, property taxes, paying rent, grocery shopping and more.

    We recently moved to a new zip code in our town and our insurance rates were adjusted to reflect the difference.

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    The scam is the income qualification.

    The OPC’s get paid so they don’t care where the UPS are from.

    The developer, like net fishing, always catches something so they don’t care either.

    The joke is on those working the line. Sink or swim, depending on the UP’s disposable income.

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    I just saw a TV commercial targeting seniors for a special insurance policy just for them.

    If that company marketed like developers do they would just advertise they have insurance and then try and sell 25 year old’s that called them up a policy they won’t need for another 40 years!

    To crazy! LMAO!

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