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    Forget about it!

    The system, as it stands, works as cleverly as it was intentionally designed:


    H = Hire the masses, barely train ’em, can ’em when they don’t produce!

    U = UPS; bribe and drag in as many as possible; anyway you can snag ’em!

    T = Throw it against the wall and see what sticks!

    Easy Peasy!

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    Diabolical if not down right inconceivable!

    A Quality prospect – A Quality professional sales presentation – A Quality professional closing process and sequence!

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    As an industry, after the ones we close, if we just closed 25% of the tours than didn’t buy then we’d have more than twice the number of owners on the books.

    And that my friends would be a lot of revenue for the developers and commissions for us!

    I’m just sayin’

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    We’re like a new Jaguar Dealership; but many market and sell like a run down used car lot does.

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