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    What I will say is that everyone better enjoy, to the max, this Holiday period because 1 year from now, 1 week before Thanksgiving 2017; we’re going to have, to be sure, a whole new ballgame!

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    The glass is always 1/2 full and even during the great depression (1929 – 1939), while millions suffered, millions of others did just fine and still others made massive fortunes.

    It all a matter of perspective and being prepared!

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    I don’t know the answer(s) to what is going on or what may happen next because it’s all out of my control and far above my pay grade. But preparing for what might be inevitable is something, just in case, that I will do and so can everyone else in the Land of Time who is alert and pondering the only 3 possible things that will happen.

    Wise advise because all us old dogs remember a time when we thought a bad economy would not affect sales; that is, until the last recession hit us hard and to the core.

    Thousands of us got fired and even though there was plenty of advance warning things were going to get ugly the party continued until that one morning when many of us found out there was to be no tours today, no job, no earned commissions forthcoming because of massive cancellations and no reserve funds to be returned either.

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