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    Hotel room rate comparison?

    You can still compare room rates but NOT Vs the likes of a Super 8, a Ramada, Days Inn, Howard Johnson, Knights Inn or a Travel Lodge………………….

    Podium Speakers, liners and closers doing that are stuck in the dark ages.

    WE SELL A VACATION HOME; and when you eliminate all the BS and hyperbole our VACATION HOME OWNERS can use their VACATION HOME just about anywhere in the fricken’ world they want!

    But you know what they say; most people know COSTS but are rock stupid when it comes to VALUE!

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    With a lot of motel rooms being under 300 sq. ft. large sales centers need to build a model of one to demonstrate how it was, once, for everyone on vacation (except those with a lot of money to burn); that is until our industry forever changed the families vacationing lifestyle and experiences.

    Inside the model there would be one 19 inch TV) (no remote), a queen size bed, one cheap picture hung on one of the four faded walls, one dinky little window and a gray phone that you dialed sitting on the one tiny little night stand.

    A closet? Forget about one and the bathroom; really really small, dark and dreary too

    Then, when we tour the sales guests though this model (first) we can tell them that sadly many people still vacation this way and sometimes with their kids.

    The we could add

    “oh well, it’s only a place to sleep!” (LMAO)

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    The 20 year comparison used here is fine and dandy.

    The big problem for many UPS is the perpetual condition.

    That may have been okay years ago but not for the millennials, not for the soon to be retired, not the recently newlywed, singles, and married couples with no heirs.

    Here in PV we sell a 25 year RTU deal and they love it because there is both an end date plus an option, if they so desire, to renew for another 25 years.

    RTU ROCKS Amigos!

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    Ya should have added in all the extra savings’ like fixing coffee in the morning instead of buying it at $3-4-5 per cup.

    And having the frig filled with soft drinks, milk, beer and a bunch of munchies for snacks.

    Cereal, bread, fruit, cold-cuts and more instead of being gouged out on the local economy.

    Those (and many more) saving’s add up a lot over the years!

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    Thanks for spreading the word Scoop (et al).

    To many liners and closers don’t get it!

    Worse, are the managers and the heat merchants they prefer to hire to close deals and by lying those scumbags are not only stealing from their tours they make all our jobs harder than what would have been required.

    I’ve known some of these A-holes over the years and even when they hit the table, and the deal is laying down, they have some compelling need to make up BS anyway and kink everything.

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    Scoop, so I get the math numbers. And I can’t argue with them. But one thing haunts me about the deal. If I sign your contract today (it’s always about “today”), what happens if my life changes?

    What if I loose my job? What if my wife dies? What if my health declines? Or I get divorced? What options does your iron-clad contract afford me? And what can I sell my dream purchase for on Ebay, Redweek or TUG? Just wondering…….

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    I’ll take a shot at answering your questions John.

    What if I loose my job? What if my wife dies? What if my health declines? Or I get divorced?

    If you lose your job; you’ll get a new one.

    If your wife, sadly, passes, your life goes on.

    If you have health issues; you’ll go to a doctor and hopefully recover and resume a good life.

    If you get divorced; well, 50% of all married couples do so you can let her have it or you can keep it and then when that new love comes along you’ll have some wonderful resorts to take her to and enjoy your new life together.

    As for selling? There are ways; most people are to lazy to get ‘r done.

    Hope this helped John.

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      Terry, the world is probably happy that you didn’t become a grief counselor. The fact is that your product is worth close to zilch in just a few months. That is why the complaint sites feature tons of posts from disenchanted owners.

      Ask yourself these 2 questions: “What if the rescission period was put at one month?” Or: “What if the rescission instructions were stapled to the FRONT of the contract?” You might not be so smirky then.

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    John, John, John.

    I’m sadden by your reaction because you seem to miss the point; that there are an estimated 190,000 hotels in the world with an estimated 18 million rooms that the rent out daily, weekly and longer.

    Then there are all the motels and B&B for rent and all the privately owned homes, condo’s and cabins for rent too.

    Then there are all the RV’s for rent, all the boats (power, sail and houseboats) for rent and let us not forget about all the campground deals out there too.

    I suppose, to your way of thinking, those too will be worth “zilch in just a few months” (LOL).

    RE: Rescission (for 1 month). Try that with the home you just bought or the new/used car you just drove off the lot etc.

    RE: Rescission “stapled to the FRONT”. Actually, that has been done; and may still be to this day. And then, there is verification and acknowledgment statement (form) that buyers must initial and sign that states they can cancel.

    On top of that are all the promotional materials mandated by law in many jurisdictions that those signs, ads, hand-out’s and websites etc. must include (e.g.) ‘…this is a for the purpose of soliciting the sale of a timeshare interest. Under the law the consumer has the right to cancel within…’

    I think Rex (above) said it best John: “most people know COSTS”; but are not so astute when it comes to understanding “VALUE”.

    John, with all due respect; me thinks you are in desperate need of a vacation.

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