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    So often in the timeshare world , like almost any news station, we are swamped OVER and OVER again with the 3% of unhappy owners because the manager, developer or Board that has settled into a comfort zone, allows the resort to not be properly maintained, protected or enhanced. The clear understanding of the legal fiduciary responsibility by the Boards and managers have taken hold over the years for a more well run resort and we have remembered to continue to remind not only the 97% of satisfied owners but looking to the future generations what a great deal the timeshare industry has evolved into.

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    Scoop – I think you missed 3 little points in your presentation: 1) maintenance fees, 2) “lifetime contract,” and 3) resale value. Otherwise, you have the perfect product.

    And: “beautiful vacation home waiting for you whenever and wherever you want…” maybe availability? Just thinkin…..

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    Dear dear Juan,

    1. All renters of all accommodations be those hotel rooms, motel rooms, cabins, camping spaces, tents or cabins on cruise ships pay towards the maintenance of those accommodations. It is factored into their night/week rental rates.

    2. The whole travel and vacationing industry including airlines etc. is based on, wait for it Juan, SPACE AVAILABLE and EVERYONE must follow the reservation procedures and polices.

    3. “Lifetime” contracts; not so Juan. Can us say R T U (Right To Use) and that RTU deals are for as few as 5 years and usually no longer than 20 or 25 years?

    4. “Resale Value” – more than hotel/mote rental receipts

    “Just thinkin…” my friend

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    Speaking of the costs to rent a motel room and maintenance fees.

    Go to the Motel 6 website and book a dumpy little cramped room with no frills and only a couple hundred feet of “living the dream” for 2017 Super Bowl in the Houston, TX area and the guy that will “leave the light on” for us all is charging, for a King Bed, a mere $206 PER NIGHT (plus tax).

    Two nights for two during the game is only be “$482.02” but I also think they charge extra, per person, for wireless too; but what the heck, with their lousy TV system, no other frills at least they have have “direct dial phones” – and after all, it’s only a place to sleep!

    SLMAO (Seriously Laughing My Ass Off)

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    Kelly, RTU is a great idea.. Other than Disney, where in the United States are RTU contracts available. I’m thinking 5 or 10 years. I’m in my retirement years.

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    Taco Bob

    If you (John) really want a RTU TS call up the developers and ask them.

    I’m hearing several up in the old country have new RTU programs so that is your best shot.

    Or, come on down to Cabo and I’ll hook you up with one of ours.

    Only 25 years and then you’re done.


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    I’ve always pitched the VHO aspect.

    And when I get a tour that says they hate TS I say, no problem, because i can sell them the whole vacation home ‘IF’, that is, they qualify (LOL).

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    When I was growing up our next door neighbor had a cabin up at Lake Tahoe, Ca.

    Every summer their whole family would go to the Lake for a few weeks and once in awhile they’d invite some of the neighbors to come along.

    One summer during my Junior year in HS they invited our family and we all had the time of our lives.

    Though family incomes were a taboo subject when I was a kid the one thing I figured out was that whatever my friends Dad earned he must make a good living to be able to own another home and that some day, when I grew up, I wanted one too.

    And, finally, that day came to be and it was one of the happiest days in my life. The second happiest day is when i sold it and go out from under all the property taxes and all the maintenance and upkeep costs that I alone had to pay.

    Vacation Home Ownership V!ia TS ROCKS

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    On the front end TS has always been sold fairly clean; it is on the back end where the water gets muddy and that is what gave birth to “No Heat No Eat”.

    And, IMO, that happened for several reasons.

    The “no eat” was and (is) due to the commission only aspect, because of low income tour qualifications, a lack of genuine closing skills and the overall marketing and sales process.

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