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    I just googled my name and I’m clean so now I say you ought to publish all the juicy tidbits of information you have; and watch your readership number explode (LMAO).

    Keep up the good work; I’m a long time reader and enjoy the news.

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    There are many corporate execs’ that fear free speech and news sources reporting on them and their companies.

    And many force their employees and their customers to sign non-disparagement or protection reputation agreements that forbid them from saying or writing anything about them including the absolute truth.

    At the same there are bold-face talking heads on TV including all levels of politicians that shred the truth and lie through their teeth but, apparently, that is okay so long as they call what they said an “alternative fact” or their own special truth.

    Lunatics are taking over and they are running the asylum.

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    We live in a world full of half truths and illusions; get use to it!

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    I agree with Frank (above); if the information you have is verifiable then go ahead and publish it all and let the chips fall where they may.

    Maybe that will (finally) wake everyone up.

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