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    Did I hear him say, “How are you mooches doing today?”

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    Whaaaaat? Really? Good Title to the article. The video is just irritating to watch. Of course you see the photo of the resort in the background, so we all know which resort in Orlando this was recorded at.

  3. 3


    Makes me want to vomit!

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    What we sell is like a finely tuned and expensive sports car.

    The way we market what we sell is like what the car business did a few years ago with their “cash for clunkers” deal.

    “Drive it in, drag it in, tow it in. Any condition, we don’t care. Your old beat up clunker is guaranteed to be worth $10,000”

    And this video starts off just like that; a real clunker!

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    30 Year TS Vet

    This is abomination in every way. Whomever the company is and their “leaders” should be rightly ashamed. Plays into the stereotype of Timeshare like it was still the 80s and sold for $7000. Can’t tell any pics but would LOVE TO KNOW which company…

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    Laugh all you want losers but that is me in the video and today I’m now the Executive VP of all sales and marketing and making so much money that it damn near blinds me every time I look at the balance in my off-shore bank account in Belize.

    What we do (marketing), how we do it (selling) will never change!

    And if you think I’m laughing all the way to the bank, and I am; you ought to see how the big-guy is roaring every time he transfers bucket loads of money to Switzerland.

    Now take the UP, pitch the deal, keep your mouth shut, your fingers crossed, your ideas to yourself and close some more deals because Daddy needs another yacht.

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    XYZ is full of it!

    I think I saw the guy in the video on my way home late last night when I stopped at Carl’s Jr. to satisfy a roaring case of the munchies..

    If it was him his name tag said he was the night shift manager and he sure didn’t seem very happy and he wasn’t using any balloons or doing any clown acts when he took my order.

    Munchies satisfied though and I’m off to work this morning to make some serious bucks.

    Don’t you just love this business? I sure do!

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    Here’s the thing about the vid.

    This was either his very first PP; or, management and the developer liked the show so much he’s been doing the same act for weeks, months or years.

    If that’s the case, and I suspect it is, that tells you all you need to know about working the line there.

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