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    Okay Scoop, this morning you’re going to ride with Carmen. Watch what she does. When she T/O’s the table leave with her and then I’ll get you out for the second wave and all you have to do is repeat what Karen did during the first wave.

    You should have added that Carmen could have been having a bad hair day, was hung over, getting ready to quit, just left her hubby (or the other way around).

    Or maybe Carmen prejudged her UP and cut corners; or didn’t pay more attention to the Mrs. while batting her eyes at the Mr.

    Carmen could have been Green too or maybe she thought the whole idea of timesharing was for suckers.

    Whatever Carmen did on that first tour; the green-pea picked up and carried forward.

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    None of it matters; just pitch, close and hit the numbers.

    That is all!

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