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    Mike – me thinks that you talk about “skulduggery.” Maybe, maybe not. You will determine that through your investigative efforts. I have a different thought on “availability.” That is, the more successful the developers are at selling points, the less successful the owners will be in finding their desired accommodations. The timeshare universe used to have “desirable weeks” and “undesirable weeks.” With the points system, everything is sold as “desirable.” Points are points. But when someone goes to book Christmas at Aspen, or July 4th at Hilton Head, they are competing against a growing number of other competitors. Some can book sooner than 10 months. Some can book at 12 months. And some can book at 13 months. And some can string weeks together before 13 months. The higher the number of points, the better one’s chances. Hence the need to buy more points. It is almost an “arms race” which only benefits the purveyors of points. And what is the only way to win this “nuclear war.” It’s to not play the game at all.

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