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    Finally! CVOA is putting on an industry conference that is focused on the agendas of its members instead of the traditional panel after panel of hand picked speakers.

    Year after year and conference after conference all year long is the same speakers talking about the same things over and over again. It’s maddening and a waste of precious time in front of people who want to network and make deals with other attending delegates. This “Smoozing” opportunity is just what someone like me is looking for. Look if you are reading this my friends, then you are informed and keeping track of movements in the industry. You don’t need to see it on a PowerPoint again! Read the Wall Street Journal today about “unorthodox leaders” creating winning teams.

    I need real ROI to attend an industry conference and from the looks of things this year, some other executives do to.

    Networking has the value I am looking for without paying for VIP access. VO-CON seems innovative and inexpensive.

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