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    If any of them get sued they handle it as the cost of doing business.

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    Scoop, one can go to any metropolitan area in the US, and listen to radio ads for timeshare cancellation programs. Same thing as the Mexican guys, but YOU have to call them – they don’t call you (like the Mexicans). Anybody hear of Dave Ramsey??

    What this says to me is that there is certainly something wrong with the customer satisfaction level in the “land of time.” People find out that their dream vacation contract is worth diddly, and they have a perpetual contract. No resale value, and the timeshare company won’t “take it back.”

    As my old lawyer “partner” once said to me: “Make all your promises verbally, and get all your promises in writing.” Having realized that too many timeshare promises were not realized, many people just want out. Sad state of affairs. There needs to be a viable resale market for timeshares. The bad guys would go away……..

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    You covered several topics; but not so much the call centers operating in Mexico where a little “Mordida” will hold the long arm of the law at bay and the thieves are probably living larger than large.

    And don’t get me started on Ramsey.

    I’ve read and listened to his uniformed and outdated rants about timeshares and he too, IMO, is in the get out of your timeshare business.

    I say that because I believe he gets paid for his opinions about timesharing and the remitting party, parties or company(s) may also be in the get out of your timeshare business.

    As for your “old lawyer partner” and to get “…all your promises in writing”?

    A long time ago my grandfather taught me that a written contract is only as good as the people behind the deal. That written contracts are breached all the time and that a persons word and standing behind their oath is their real bond. That advise has served me well; though, like you, I do like things in writing too (LOL).

    And though you are right that there needs to be a “viable resale market for timeshares”; you may be mistaken to suggest the “bad guys would go away” because “bad guys” have been with us since the dawn of time. They don’t’ go away, they just get creative (LOL).

    By the way my friend, not all timeshare contracts are in perpetuity.

    I know that Ramsey (and others) keep saying they are that but all around the world there are RTU TS deals spanning periods of time ranging from 5 to 25 years and once the years have lapsed the members are out and the deal is over; end of story unless the members renew and some actually do.

    As for the “no resale value”; back to the ‘bad guys’ again and of course the “bad guys” include developers for never developing an exit strategy for owners in the first place. The developers left the barn door open on that one.

    But to be fair, and I’m sure you are, you have to also remember all those underfunded and poorly managed startup resale (and rental) companies that popped up everywhere beginning many years ago.

    To this day developers are spending the marketing bucks to get prospects in their sale centers and paying their associates to sell those ‘dreams” but down the street the resell companies are whining and telling owners they can only sell the same basic fully furnished inventory (studio, 1, 2 or 3 bedroom), at the same resort(s) for pennies on the dollar. Go figure.

    Okay, I’ll shut up and thanks for listening.

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    John and Rex are right about bad guys and it happening in the U.S.

    I just read the blog section and saw that Orange Lake and Westgate are suing a company in the USA that are involved in some sort of exit deal.

    Check it out for yourself (direct link).

    Its’ under the Florida USA Timeshare News: June 17, 2017 – Eastern USA and begins with: “At least two timeshare companies – Westgate Resorts and Orange Lake”.

    John and Rex are also correct; developers could and should have resolved this resale, rental and exit deal a long time ago and if they had we wouldn’t have the mess we have today.

    Once again, individually and as an industry, developers are reactive and not proactive.

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    I don’t think the fear of being sued should have anything to do with a timeshare developer warning their owners about this criminal activity.

    E-mailing out the warning is just the right and moral thing that they should do and if we all behaved more like that this would be a better world.

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    Civil suits usually settle out of court.

    Criminal cases often end in a plea bargain deal.

    I suppose, civil or criminal, it often depends on what is at stake, and who has what to gain (or lose) including money or their freedom.

    Sometimes when I read about cases in the news many outcomes appear to me to be a form of legal extortion.

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