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    Vallarta Rocks

    I saw the writing on the wall a long time ago and that is why I relocated to PV and haven’t regretted it one second.

    The job is fantastic, the tours are incredible, the people of PV are also great, the food is oh so good and the laid back lifestyle is awesome.

    I also have a good buddy that came down here with me but he went to Cabo for a long weekend and loved it; so he moved there and he’s making damn good money and every day is a Fiesta!


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    Where are you working VR and are they hiring?

    I’ve thought about working in Mexico but don’t know anyone there.

    Working up here IS getting strange. Very anal retentive and corporate.

    No longer any fun and not “laid back” AT ALL!


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    Those new to the business, though not their fault, have no idea of what once was is no longer.

    Consolidation was great for those that SOLD-OUT; but it ruined it for so many of us.

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    I’ve been around a long time, seen it all and agree that if we don’t change the manner in which we market and sell there might not be much time left.

    I’m one of the lucky ones though; either way it’s been a fantastic ride.

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    I will make a prediction.

    The consolidation and the real game plan has been to have as many owners on the books as possible so they can collect as much revenue as is possible from the annual’s etc.

    Now who has that kind of financial muscle to buy-out the remaining U.S. developers (with a lot of owners) and then become the undisputed king of the vacation mountain?

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