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    While half of America is at work and the other half is at home watching re-runs on the television the politicians and business leaders are behind the scenes creating the policies for all the tomorrows.

    And in some cases they are conspiring and their decisions will harm YOU OR YOU OR MAYBE EVEN YOU.

    Think about it; many are happily being led to the slaughter house.

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    When I was much younger my boss asked me one day if I knew how to tell when a person was successful.

    I said, sure when they made their first million.

    Toby said I was right but before they make and banked that million dollars the best barometer that he knew of was if a person and their family could survive and live their same lifestyle for a period of 6 months after they lost there income.

    Seems to be a good rule to follow and if not 6 months at least 3; anything less would be scary.

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