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    Every time I come back here I have to post the same reminder over and over again. KISS!

    Take the tour!

    Sell the deal!

    Close the deal!

    Collect the check!

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    Anonymous, you sound old school.

    To simply “Take the tour” may look good on paper but when any of us get a string of sales guests (and we all do; one right after another) that have no business being invited in the first place that is wasted time, work, effort and energy that none of us will ever get back (or paid for).

    I, too, am old school but I also learned we need to change and when I moved here to Cancun a couple years ago and started selling a RTU deal the first thing I noticed was the tables I was (am) called to T/O mostly like the idea of an end-game (exit).

    The young ones “tours” and the older ones alike; they have zero objection about the time and should they ever want they can always buy more time or renew when their initial original expires.

    They actually perk up when they know there is an out.

    Especially when they understand that they won’t be paying AMF’s for the rest of their lives and then pass on the burden and debt to their children or grandchildren.

    Change is good and Anonymous, you need to change and come on in for the VICTORY!

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