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    So who pays for the week’s detention at the cheap motel; the developer or the rep?

    And will there at least be a coffee pot in the room so they can warm up some Ramen noodles at meal time? :~)

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    It all starts at the reception desk.

    It should start at the OPC booth or with the telemarketer over the phone but that will never happen.

    At the reception desk; from the moment we extend our hand to everyone we meet – if we are enthusiastic, genuine, honest, sincere, professional and entertaining we at least double the chances that we’ll make a sale.

    If we behave otherwise that outcome is predictable too.

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    I’m back!

    Take the UP!

    Sell the Tour!

    Close the deal!

    Collect and cash the check.

    It can’t be any simpler so stop with the moaning.

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