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    All around the world the timeshare gutters are filled & over-flowing with the carcasses of, mostly, tomorrow minded Closers.

    And its the Closers because most Liners that don’t become Closers ultimately leave and do something else with their lives.

    Closers, on the other hand, make good money, never had it so good and hang round until, for many, the ugly end.

    What is that old saying?

    People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan

    That fits most the Closers I’ve known and many developers could care less about their (Closers) futures.

    Of course, it’s the closers responsibility to do something about that; now isn’t it?

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    You mentioned 20 years from now; the year then being 2038.

    If anyone thinks 20 years is a long time just look back at the last twenty years and see how fast that lapsed.

    I just did; It was 1997, the year our son was born and he is now in his second year of college.

    For me months now seem like weeks and weeks go by as fast as days use too.

    I’m so thankful my husband and I have been saving and investing for our futures.

    Best wishes to you all.

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    The 3 25’s.

    Our first 25 years shoots by before we know it; and most of us are clueless.

    The next 25 years pass just as fast; but now we think we’ve got our lives together.

    Another 25 years nears completion and at some point during those years we finally figured it out if we got it right and made good choices.

    But none of us really need to worry because if we make it to 75 we are still qualified to be a tour at many resorts and get some free gifts :(

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    Keeping it (our) industry specific it would be interesting to know.

    A.) How many of us are there?

    B.) How many of us live in to our 70’s and beyond?

    D.) How many of us, if given a second chance, would do things differently?

    E.) How many started working but soon quit and wanted nothing more to do with marketing or selling timeshares?

    F.) How many worked all their lives, spent their money and ended up broke?

    G.) How many went on to get into resales?

    H.) How many, that are young today, think they’ll be around 5 or 10 years from now?

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