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    Christmas or year end bonus?

    In this business?

    Have you lost your mind?

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    I received Xmas bonuses; am well paid (anyway) including cash spiffs too!

    FYI: The biggest deal I wrote this year was $56-K and that cashed out in 2 weeks and pushed me into bonus that month!

    Wouldn’t sell anything else, wouldn’t work anywhere else but I will also add that it always depends on the developer.

    I’ve heard many horror stories; including closers working for as little as 6 cents on the dollar in Mexico with no spiffs etc.

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      WOW….where do you sell Timeshare.

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      scammer hope you end up in jail like the crooks Ashley and adam lacerda

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        ??? Why do you call Sam a scammer?

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    In 2014, cleaned and pressed, I closed $1.175 million in business. No X Bonus.

    In 2015 I netted about the same volume, no end of the year bonus.

    In 2016 I was up a bit; closed about $1.4 million; no bonus.

    This year (2017), I’ll finish off around about the same as I did in 2016.

    Again, not expecting a bonus and they just cut off our spiffs because, so we were told, marketing costs have become excessive.

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    No free ads!

    Terry, I had to delete your comment. I’m real happy for you that the company you work for has such great perks and pays so well and gives bonuses, etc. But if you want to recruit new talent you can’t do it here, I’m sorry to say. You should contact Bill Curtis at for information on placing your ad.

    Thanks for reading InsideTheGate. 😉

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    I have a friend that goes front to back and sold an $89,000 (all cash) package a few months back.

    The unbelievable thing is that the percentage (commission earned) dropped from her usual 12 points to 7% and her manager told her that they had to lower it because they lowered the price to get the deal and that she should be happy she was getting $6,230 (instead of $10,680).

    She was also told the deal wouldn’t apply towards the monthly bonus either because of the discount and, because, the amount was something like 3-4 times higher than the rooms average deal.

    I don’t’ think that is fair.

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    Maybe we ought to have a MLRTA; Magical Little Round Table Association

    Everyone in sales, nationally & internationally, could join including OPC’s because they are selling too.

    Even sales and marketing managers could join.

    And we could get together once a year and have a big convention.

    I’d join.

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    I like the sound of a MLRTA Dave.

    Now all you have to do is come up with our purpose.

    Educate and inform? Lobby (developers)? Have a blow-out (fun) once a year?

    I suppose there are many possibilities.

    I’ll check back in 24 hours and see if anyone has any good idea’s.

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    I am trying to get the latest new on timeshare sells but I do not find any. Can someone lead me to a good source?

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