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    Whoa!! Scoop, have you gone daft? Way too much common sense here. How about one more….”The contents of the timeshare sales presentation will be recorded, so the new owner can refer to the relevant points of the presentation that may not be in writing. AND, the video taped documentation will become part of the contract.”

    Merry Christmas in advance. I’m afraid there is going to be coal in your stocking.

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    Scoop must live in one of those Commie Pot Smoking States (CPSS) – LMAO!

    Okay, add this to the wish list.

    No more tours under 35 & no more tours over 65!

    Outside those ages they should only be courtesy tours; not gifts!

    Merry Xmas to all and to all a good night.

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    Liners can no longer turn unless they have an actual objection.

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    We are to be paid $500 (to be split between the front and back end) for each NQ we wind up having.

    Developers can charge back marketing the $500.

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    No more cohabiting couples.

    How clueless can a developer be.

    Spend money (gifts, OPC commissions etc.) on two people that may have just hooked up; one of them might be 28, the other is 24 and they been together a couple of months and we’re suppose to sell them a life long vacation plan?

    Are you f_ _ _ ing kidding me or what?

    The couple can’t even make a life-time decision to get married and be together!

    You can’t make this s_ _t up!

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