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    Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving; we are blessed and sure did!

    As for this income in the ad?

    We’d all make more if they would increase the income qualifications.

    I hear there are still developers that ‘Q’ incomes between $40-$50,000.

    I couldn’t imagine raising a family, buying a home and car etc. on that little of an annual income.

    It (income) may pay the basic bills but it sure isn’t going to pay for a lot of vacations.

    So sad we waste so much of our time selling the dream to people that can only dream.

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. Make 2018 the best ever!


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    Making that kind of $$$$$$ would depend on:

    1. Training, Selling & Closing skills + attitude.

    2. Quality of the resort and the timeshare plan.

    3. Number of shots (tours) each month.

    4. Average sales price (per deal)

    5. % paid.

    6. In-house Vs street tours.

    7. Amount of time (fractional/normal) sold.

    8. Willingness of a developer to cut large commission checks on a regular basis.


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    I will agree with PJ & Art.

    Every time any of us have a sales guest that’s financially challenged or is under 30 years of age or over 65 our numbers plummet as does our income.

    The marketing tail continues to wag the selling dog.

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