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    You, Scoop, are wicked, unholy, evil and possessed.

    Only a fiendish and satanic spirit would tempt us with such seductive BS that the tours should actually agree, before they show up in our sales room, that they like, would and can afford to vacation regularly.

    I’ll have none of that in my room.

    If any tours show up at my reception area because they like great vacations and want to take them on a frequent basis they are NOT going on tour!

    We’ll NQ them on the spot but to be fair if I have a liner available on overage, and I always do, then we’ll give the UP’s a quick CT and then, if they don’t lay-down, my liners will blow them out the door.

    And under no circumstances whatsoever will we gift them.

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    35 Year TS Vet

    Yes one who where Lee if ever comments on inside the gate, I must complement you and commend you sir are they very cogent, and Spot on analysis of the current state of our industry that we mutually love. I think if he will look that a final analysis of the largest companies in our industry and there are only a few now, we are in fact honing in on more targeted marketing as a post of the past buckshot that we all participated in. The best of us are more laser focused on generating truly qualified clientele who are proven buyers based upon prior habits as opposed to simply body searching. Well I will you knowledge this is not necessarily the case in high destination areas such as Las Vegas, Orlando, Tenerife, or Branson, I think a final analysis will show that we are by necessity actually changing our marketing tactics to produce referrals, and very highly targeted Internet paper click proven as persuadable clients. While we are a long way from where we need to be, we are a long way from where we used to be! But of course that’s just my take on one who is well educated in both branded and non-branded sales and marketing efforts for the shared ownership World.

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    I would agree with some of what 35 Year TS Vet said but I’m not sure we are that far away from “where we” were.

    A.) In popular tourist areas OPC’s are still stopping strangers; booking directs or scheduling appointments for a later time that or the following day. And they are still being evasive as to what the appointment is all about.

    B.) Independent Telemarketing rooms working with developers and vacation clubs are still calling up strangers at home and selling mini-vacs over the phone and they too are not always telling the people that they will be attending a timeshare or vacation club sales presentation.

    C. At TS resorts everywhere owners and exchangers staying onsite are invited to attend an owners/members/exchangers update meeting; which, of course, is solely to sell more points.

    All in all, we are still shot-gunning. If they have a pulse they are invited and qualified.

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    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted here so let me remind everyone.

    Take the Tour!

    Close the deal.

    Collect the commission.

    And remember, the ride will not last forever; nothing does!

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