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    Where did you go and who (there) needs talent?

    I can pack my bags in a couple hours and be on the next outbound flight.

    Inquiring minds want to know!

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    Happy New Year All!

    Today I’m going to go in, write a 50 pounder w/full dip, collect the all cash spiff tomorrow morning (Dec. 31st) and use that $250 to party tomorrow night (New Years Eve) like an animal!

    Off New Years day, on Tuesday my new theme for 2018 is to take no POW’s!


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    I heard at a NYE party last night that a developer, I think in Florida, is going to start paying a 25% commission this year on all front-to-back deals and that 50% will be paid for all SG business!

    If anyone knows if that is true and what developer that is please let me know.


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    What party did you go to Tim? (LMAO).

    If anything, this year, you’ll probably see developers’ pay fewer points.

    I saw one ad on CL last month that paid a daily per diem of $50 or $70 and 5 or 5.5% commish!

    The chump that listed the ad didn’t have the nerve to post his name or the name of the developer; but I think I know who the developer is and they also haul low-income tours in the $40-$50-K range.


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