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    Anybody can believe all the hype but the only process that has and continues to hold this industry together and with very few exceptions is throwing everything against the wall and see what sticks.

    Tours? As young as 23 and just living together to as old as they can make it to the sales center; 80 years old, widower and using a walker is just fine – and incomes to be a ‘q’ as low as or lower than $40,000.

    Hiring & Training? “Hire in masses, barely train their asses, give them a shot and then fire their sorry asses.”

    It is a grind with no end.

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    I’m back and here to remind you all.

    1. Take the UP.

    2. Pitch the UP.

    3. Close the Up.

    4. Collect the commission and shut the _ _ _ _ UP!

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