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    I can only say; Inconceivable & fiendish!

    Are you trying to suggest that developers should only market to people that can actually afford to make a $10-$20-$30-K + VO purchase with costs that either run for decades or are perpetual?

    What next?

    Are you going to demand that the vacationing is already part of the invitees lifestyle?

    That developers no longer invite they 23, 24 25 year olds or people that are 70, 75 or 80?

    I suppose you want to get rid of the recent college grads holding massive debt that are also cohabiting couples that hooked up recently and now share a partially furnished studio apartment with one small worn out Futon and only a crock-pot to cook their meals in & a styrofoam ice chest to keep their bologna, cheese and mayo cool.

    What is wrong with you anyway?

    Don’t you understand that an UP IS AN UP and that Either You Sell Them Or They Sell You?

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      Scoop, you have some realistic ideas on how to make the industry seem a little “softer” in the eyes of the public. Sell to those who might actually like and be able to afford the product.

      Ken, on the other hand, “his lips are moving.”

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    Dear Anonymous,

    What is this nonsense?

    Sell to those who might actually like and be able to afford the product.

    Why I once sold an 83 year-old UP that was a widower, on social security and he bought an exit deal from me cause…………………………… (LMAO)


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