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    Trips, traveling and taking vacations?

    Just like everything else; convenience rules.

    A brand Burger joint might have lousy burgers but they are always busy because eating their is cheap and convenient.

    And I agree; most of the exchange companies are to expensive for hooking up reservations.

    The way I see it is the big ones (II & RCI) are taking advantage of all their members and since they’ve never paid out one thin dime to one salesmen in all these years for enrolling millions of people in their system – they’re ripping us (all) off too!

    But, for me, the ride was great; but this is my last year and then I’m done with it all!

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    ” …if our industry adapted to meet the ‘market’ challenges & public appetite…..”

    You mean like not having “lifetime contracts:” or “no resale value:” or “spiraling maintenance fees:” or “reservations subject to availability.”

    That’s going to be a lot of adaptation……

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    I’m back; to remind you all of how simple it is and how easy we’ve got it!

    1. Take the tour.

    2. Pitch & close the deal.

    3. Collect & hammer the commission check.

    4. STFU!

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    Get a grip John, travel is almost always “subject to availability”.

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    No Resale Value? None in those hotel/motel receipts either John but they do make for a nice stack to admire each year as they pile up over your vacationing lifetime.

    And speaking of hotels/motels; inside each receipt that you pay; part of the cost for each night/week was, is, and will continue to be for property/room maintenance.

    Of course if hotel/motel guests want to make their own beds, wash their own sheets, towels & pillow cases plus clean the pool, vacuum the hallways, sweep the parking lot, trim the trees, replace burnt out light bulbs, provide the security and fix things etc. they can always jump right in and lend a helping hand (LOL).


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