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    Always pay yourself first!

    When you get your pay check take 10-20% of it and put it aside; you must do this every time even if you have to slow-pay a bill now and then.

    When you get a SPIFF; save it all – but at least 10-20%.

    If you get paid any quarterly or annual bonus; put it all aside.

    Follow that routine for just a couple of years and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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    Keep your eyes on oil too; it’s inching towards the $70 a barrel mark (again).

    And with the busy summer driving/vacation season right around the corner oil could be more like $80 a barrel (or more) with retail prices reflected at the pump.

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    A reminder from Pink Floyd “Money”

    Money, it’s a gas
    Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

    Money, get back
    I’m all right, Jack, keep your hands off my stack

    Money, it’s a hit
    Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit

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    This is the time when developers’ should also stop having us deal with the newlywed and nearly dead (tours).

    They (developers’) should have stopped that along time ago.

    Besides, when they rarely do buy and if it sticks it’s usually a small deal or a trial.

    Be prepared people; the ride is about to get bumpy.

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    The ‘RIDE’ always ends!

    Only the clueless and fools behave otherwise!

    A fool and his money are soon parted

    It is folly to allow yourself to be cheated

    Most people are not especially intelligent and can be readily entertained or fooled to produce financial benefit for someone other than themselves

    There is a sucker born every minute

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    Take the UP.

    Pitch the deal.

    Close the Tour

    Collect the commission

    Hammer the check

    That is all!

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