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    When it comes to cars – I prefer to own rather than rent. When it comes to vacations – I prefer to rent rather than own. Just me….

    Google has been persistent in sucking the air out of competitors’ profit margins. People that are smart enough to navigate their systems won’t be the ones who sign up for the free trinket and the “90 minute” extravaganza. Tech savvy and educated customers aren’t going to help sales in the land of time…… Just me….

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    When I’m on vacation I prefer to rent the car Vs buy it; but that’s just me (LOL).

    As for Google dominating vacation rentals all over the world?

    I can just hear being called in by a liner who says

    “…and they love our program but with their smart phones and Google rentals, like they did on this vacation and last years, too, they can get a really neat place that is fully furnished for a few hundred dollars a week…”

    Tick dock – tick – dock – tick dock

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    Don’t worry about it; pitch like a politician!

    And Bill & Betty it cures baldness, acme, IBS, impotence and will dramatically increase your over-all sexual drive, frequency and pleasure.

    Plus, you can vacation all you want while you lose weight, get in shape and increase your life span to at least 150 years.

    Though, honestly guys, doing so means your heirs will have to wait before it is their turn at their share of eternal vacations (LMAO).

    Say, did I mention the free Airport pick-up service from airports all around the world that have a helicopter to get you to the resort you’ll be enjoying each year?

    And always remember Betty, Bill; when you don’t want to vacation you can rent it out and put those tax free rental dollars in your pockets each year and then you can spend that money anyway you like.

    Now, isn’t that awesome? Great, now,, today we have a very special…..

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    Net Neutrality is going to ruin it for most small companies.

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    Chris; you should add that technology is the real game changer.

    Of course, thankfully; in our life time there will be no shortage of fools (UPS) and separating them from their money will continue.


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      That is your industry in a nutshell.


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