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    I’m not surprised at all The Diamond sales people all lie to get a sale, and do whatever it takes to con people in!

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    peter shirkie

    could this be the beginning of the end of diamond resorts.?

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    It ain’t just Diamond; it’s the general culture.

    The real problem is because the executives get paid really well; as long as the numbers are hit.

    And it doesn’t matter that the line has a low closing ratio, or has high kicks and endless rep tour over because of lousy UP qualifications, inferior sales & marketing management and meaningless training.

    But hey, if the top of the food chain is making $5-K, $10-K, $15-K, $20,000 per week +++++ then all is well and there ain’t no reason to change nothin’

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    These lawsuits against developers are usually pretty thin… But this one really raises an interesting point: If it is not real estate (non deeded), but your points serve to secure your interest in vacation time, sure does sound like a security. Should that turn out to be the case, it throws a monkey wrench into developer plans to move away from deeded products. Whoever at Apollo set up the Diamond purchase will be looking for work in 5, 4, 3, 2, …

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    This is the same law firm that initiated the “Billion Dollar lawsuit” last year. That got pushed to arbitration in December, due to the fact that the Hardings did not opt out of the arbitration clause in their timeshare agreement. Diamond is the only major player with such a clause. Must be that this firm has developed a good understanding as to how Diamond works. They may have an argument.

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    Where can we sign up. This “investment” line is exactly the one used against us by the Fosters in Hawaii. Our next deal with Diamond actually cost the salesperson his job for making false claims. Took us 6 arduous months of claims and counter claims to settle and we NEVER received the slightest apology for their actions. Fortunately everything was recorded and n our notes.

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    Irene Parker

    I would like to thank Inside the Gate for publishing this report about the DRI lawsuit, as Inside the Gate is an industry supported publication. After my husband and I experienced a deceptive Diamond presentation July 2015, I researched Diamond Resorts and other timeshare companies, finding only Disney Vacation Club virtually blemish free. I have written articles for Jim Cramer’s Investment News Service, TheStreet, and for Inside Timeshare, published in Spain where perpetual timeshare contracts, floating weeks and points have been outlawed.

    Since October 2016 I have listened to 309 timeshare complaints from readers, 293 against Diamond Resorts, less against Bluegreen because Bluegreen members have their own advocacy Facebook. I have listened to eight complaints against the same Las Vegas agent over an 18 month period with the company continuing to hide behind the fine print and the oral representation clause which the FBI agrees is illegal. I have heard 22 Platinum members describe how they were up-sold told buying more points was the only way to sell points or avoid maintenance fees. When the member attempts to contact the agent, the email goes to a VP who responds that DRI has no such program and the agent in questions cannot receive emails.

    Timeshare buyers, young, old, retired and active duty military and law enforcement (three concerned they will lose their security clearance), many disabled individuals, are reporting complaints to the BBB, the CFPB, AGS, State Real Estate Divisions, Senators, Whistleblowers of America (seeking justice for military and government workers), IC3.Gov, ARDA, DRI’s PR Firm Prosek and orally through the FBI public access phone line, as has been advised by FBI agents. The FBI definition of white collar crime, financial institution fraud, fraud for profit:

    Fraud for profit: Those who commit this type of mortgage fraud are often industry insiders using their specialized knowledge or authority to commit or facilitate the fraud. Current investigations and widespread reporting indicate a high percentage of mortgage fraud involves collusion by industry insiders, such as bank officers, appraisers, mortgage brokers, attorneys, loan originators, and other professionals engaged in the industry. Fraud for profit aims not to secure housing, but rather to misuse the mortgage lending process to steal cash and equity from lenders or homeowners. The FBI prioritizes fraud for profit cases.
    Social Media has changed the game.

    Like #metoo, victims are no longer silenced and isolated. Diamond offered our money back, provided I sign an NDA. Having worked for Family Court, writing and editing court reports on behalf of children in foster care, I could not let myself be just another victim silenced and isolated. We purchased additional points because DRI was adding NY properties. Our daughter lives in NYC, only to learn it would cost $8,500 to use our DRI points compared to booking on line for $950, same hotel same week, checking year round. That’s a bait and switch, not even a part of this lawsuit.

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    I have wondered for a couple years now how/why regulation has ignored the timeshare industry. I continue to be blow away specifically with the thousands of stories and posts I have read about the fraudulent activity on the DRI watch. As a retired auditor and risk manager for one of the largest US banks I dealt with the CFPB and regulatory agency expectations daily. Every aspect of the daily sales program and other divisions across this company would fail every regulatory expectation tested. Just to say they are fraudulent is an understatement. It is all the way to the top of the house without any accountability. They foster an environment that teaches and rewards behaviors that break every regulation of customer protection a bank must pass, so why has everyone been ignoring this for so long? Money yes we understand, thus one of the main reasons the CFPB was created. Hundreds have reached out to get help via social media, news outlets, FBI, etc. This company has defrauded every type, class, situation of people you can possibly think of with zero checks and balances in place outside of “what did we suck out of them”. We each have our own story of fraud and how they lied and forced us into situations we regret. I am sickened at how long it is taking to have them exposed for the crooked company they are. Any legitimate timeshare company should be working against this company as they are assisting in destroying this industry.

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    Ron and Emma Casquejo

    We too have fallen victims to DRI so called “update” meetings/orientation when in fact they are hi-pressure sales talks to upgrade to more points and more money “investment” and maintenance fees. We intuitively cancelled that last platinum upgrade in LV last September, by mail, well within the 5 business day cancellation option as imposed by the Nevada state even though the salesman and his director emphatically told us that our $9K deposit is non-refundable by DRI. We already spent more than $26K and according to their record we still owe more than $37000 to stay at gold membership with annual fee of $3500 that is sure to be increased every year. We cab relate to all the misrepresentations mentioned by others in the group. We just wrote DRI for some settlement but have not have a reply yet.

    Is it possible to become a part of this class action suit if we do decide as a last resort?

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    Jo Anne Childress

    I hope they get what’s coming to them. DRI should be put out of business. I really wish I could get onto one of these class actions in California.

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    My husband and I, having had a good experience with other timeshares, bought a sampler package from DRI in October, 2017. We then bought a deeded timeshare (points) in January. Luckily we realized there was a big disconnect between what we were told orally and the written document we reviewed the evening of our purchase. We rescinded within the time allowed by law. Specifically we were told at Polo Towers, Las Vegas that we could use points to pay monies owed on the Barclay credit card at the rate of $.66 per point. When I told the salesperson there was nothing in writing to that effect he said we would see that when we received our card in the mail. Of course, that would have been after the rescission period…too late to do anything about the lie. That was just one of the lies. I am so glad we got out of the contract. This company is so bad.

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    First sentence should read. … having had a good experience….
    (Admin: Fixed it for you.)

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    David F___

    We were lied to and not fully disclosed to in a presentation at Cancun Resort in Las Vegas, which, embarrassingly, led to our being successfully lied to and not fully disclosed to in Branson, Missouri. Things to know before you ever darken one of their doors:

    1. Though neither a salesperson nor the sales contract will inform you, you CANNOT resell membership in THE Club™. They misleadingly tell one that a “membership” can be resold on the secondary market, when in fact only the points can be resold. DRI’s flat refusal to allow resale of membership in THE Club™–a condition that was stated to me only after several phone calls–renders DRI points so worthless that members of the Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association will not deal in them at all.
    2. Any money you pay for DRI membership (that is, the points and membership in THE Club™) is lost to you should your circumstances or ability to travel change. That money is also lost to your estate, unless you have a beneficiary who wants such a white elephant. (Universities, churches and other institutions do not want or need a DRI membership, though a salesman told me that they would.)
    3. Should you wish to escape from DRI’s clutches, they will grudgingly allow you to surrender your points–but only if they are fully paid for. They will charge you for the privilege of giving them back points you paid tens of thousands of dollars for, which they will turn around and sell to a new victim.
    4. DRI’s ability to finance purchases on credit cards issued almost instantaneously based on a buyer’s unverified assertions as to assets strains credulity, and the financing comes with very high interest rates that might not match the disclosure form they give you.
    5. “Stay Vacationed™” is not an invitation. It is a life sentence, and beyond.

    Diamond Resorts is a predatory disgrace not just to the travel and timeshare industries, but also to the real estate industry that DRI strives to give the impression it is an honorable part of.

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    Me and my husband was told by bluegreen that we where getting there military discount and that it would be a investment for our family . We sat there for 9 hours and we where upfront with them that my husband had just came back from Afghan due to him finding a lump under his arm . They finally convinced my husband that if any thing would happen to him that it would be a good investment to leave for his family.

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    Bluegreen sold us on the point system, resale value, sell it “anytime”, etc the very same way! Add Bluegreen and I’m in! Nothing but a scam where increasing annual maintenance fees are lining the pockets of the execs! Let’s not even discuss the overselling of inventory such that you can’t even book a vacation!

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    We first bought a deeded week at Polo Towers in Las Vegas in 2002. At that time we were told many lies but could not get out of the contract nor sell. They tried to get us to switch to points several times since then & we always declined. Well, in Sept. 2017, we decided to listen to their sales pitch & regrettably went to the point system for a cost of $10,000.00 more. We were unable to start using our points until Jan. 2018. Now we are finding that there is no availability for the resorts we want, there are fees to use points for airline tickets, cruises, etc. That you can only use points up to 20% off airline tickets & cruises when we were told we could buy these things with points! We were told we would be able to go anywhere, anytime because we were members of The Club. These were all lies! We want out! What do we do?

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    I was convinced to purchase 3000 additional points for $14,100 on Jan 15, 2017. We were told that we would be Platinum at 5k points, not 50K, but 5k. We were told we would be able to sell back our unused points every year at a rate of $.50 per point. We were told that Diamond would buy back out points package in 1 years time if we were not happy. All Lies. and yes, the sales agent compared it to an investment. He said this stuff would not be in the paperwork we were signing because it was all new programs being introduced by Apollo who had just bought Diamond. He even gave us a timeline for when Apollo would be rolling out those programs. All verbally of course. He said we were very lucky to be given an opportunity to buy more points before those programs were announced, because the price of points will undoubtedly go up when that happens. This took place at Grand Beach Resort, Orlando Florida. I have submitted a complaint to Diamond, asking for my money back, it was denied of course.


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