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Half The Money

*Attributed to John Wanamaker (July 11, 1838 – December 12, 1922) who was a very successful merchant, religious leader, civic and political figure. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania he was considered by many to be the innovator of modern day advertising and marketing.

Banner Advertising – Attitude Works Every Time!

“What Happens Here Stays Here”Las Vegas Visitors Bureau

“Diamonds are forever”(DeBeers)

“It’s Everywhere You Want To Be”VISA

“Reach Out And Touch Someone”AT&T

“Got Milk?”California Milk Processor Board

“Don’t leave home without it”American Express

“Finger lickin’ good”Kentucky Fried Chicken

“Time is Money” (Advice to a Tradesman 1748) – Benjamin Franklin

It’s The ‘Thought’ That Counts – Plus Consistency!

  1. Banner Ads Do Not Rotate – Your company is there 24/7
  2. Banner Space is extremely limited: Maximum Exposure
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  5. We publish content daily; Readers return & see your Banner often
  6. We are archived & searchable; Your Banner is on all those pages, too
  7. Your Banner Ad campaign will be on all pages (front page too)

We are the only fully searchable online timeshare news service in the industry (see the ‘search’ option  box on every page at the top right side).  And we have every developer PR, breaking news story, every column, etc. we’ve published over the past several years available free of charge for all readers interested in a specific company, a developer, an individual,  an industry topic, etc.

Your banner campaign will appear on all those pages, including all specialized Columns only available ‘Inside The Gate’ such as “Scoop du Jour” (which is always our front page lead story for the weekend edition), our Timeshare Blog “The GateHouse”, our “Resort Destinations”, “Off Topic” and so forth.

Maximum Exposure – Limited Space – Guaranteed Visibility!

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