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Contributor Guidelines

InsideTheGate logo Inside the Gate welcomes the contributions of timesharers and other travelers with a story to tell or timeshare/travel-related information that would be of interest to our 1.07 million annual readers.

The first question we’re usually asked is about payment, and the bad news is: No. We don’t pay contributors for their stories or photos.

The good news is that we don’t assume copyright, which stays with you, the author. Should a print publication or a paying ezine desire to reprint your article, they will negotiate directly with you. If your article(s) is sold elsewhere we will be sorry to lose your contribution but will quickly remove it from our site upon your request and we’ll be very happy for you.

What are we looking for?
If it has to do with timeshare and/or travel (for our Travel Guide section) or tips on sales and marketing or how to plan for retirement, etc., we like to see anything you’ve taken the trouble to write. Please send your feature(s) as attached MS Word type files, rich text format, or even as notepad files. (Email format is accepted, too, but it doesn’t make us happy.) If you want to include pictures to help liven up your story, please don’t send them embedded into Word documents: they should be emailed separately as jpeg and/or .png or gif attachments and you should assert the source of the images and that you have the legal right to use them.

As for length, some people write epics and some write pithy little gems. However, 500 to 600 words is fairly standard and anything much over 1,500 words should probably be broken up into individual features, a series, or boiled down dramatically.

Contributions from Tourist Bureaus and other travel-related agencies are also welcomed.

In general, we don’t do much editing of the work of authors who are generous enough to share their stories and viewpoints with us. We will correct typos and punctuation, and might occasionally make a sidebar out of information such as directions to a place or restaurant recommendations, etc., but otherwise we want your article to be your own— your own words, your own style, your own point of view.

We encourage you to add a short bio to your feature, so our readers will know a little bit about you. That’s entirely up to you, of course, and is not a requirement. We just think it’s kind of a good idea and it gives you the publicity you deserve.

Anything else you need to know? Please email questions and contributions to, Subject=Contributor Guidelines, and – Thanks.

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