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Odds and Ends: March 3, 2012

Don’t miss Part 2 of Scoop du Jour’s “A Timeshare Race to the Bottom” this week. It’s not a pretty picture! It should be noted that although Part II is not representative of all timeshare developers this segment will nonetheless clearly demonstrate how most commissioned-only timeshare sales (and marketing) reps in 2012 are actually earning …

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Video of the Week: March 3, 2012

Sit back, relax, “Chill Out” with John Lee Hooker & Carlos Santana! Send in your own playlist and if I can find a good version on YouTube I’ll post it for you! What would you like to hear? Email: gatekeeper@insidethegate.com

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Eastern USA: March 3, 2012


FLORIDA: TALLAHASSEE: The Federal Trade Commission, working with the office of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, has put the kibosh on a vacation prize scam that was targeting Spanish-speaking people. VGC Corporation of America, also doing business as All Dream(s) Vacations, All Dreams Travel, Five Star(s) Vacations, 5 Star(s) Vacations, Total Tours, and Travel & …

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Western USA: March 3, 2012

NEVADA: LAS VEGAS: A little birdie tells me that Diamond Resorts International is making a bold, out-of-the-box move that has the potential to change the world as we know it. OK, that might be a bit of hyperbole, but it has the potential to be big nevertheless. Here’s the deal. DRI is creating an Apprenticeship …

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Midwest and Southern USA: March 3, 2012

MISSOURI: BRANSON: The tornado that hopscotched through the Branson area in the wee hours of the morning Feb. 29 caused a lot of damage, but it could have been much worse. No one was killed and in terms of timeshare I haven’t heard of any timeshare resorts that were damaged enough to have to close …

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International: March 3, 2012


Got your beverage of choice and a comfy seat? You’re going to need it, this is looong. 🙂 CANADA: VANCOUVER, BC: A vote will be held March 11 on whether or not Aviawest Resort Club should merge with Vacation Internationale. If the merger is approved, members will then have to decide whether to to join …

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Morning Meeting: March 3, 2012

Join us for a pithy morning meeting timeshare sales tip of the week, originally published in InsideTheGate.com, to help you to greater success in selling timeshare. Brief and to the point, these sales training tips are designed to get you thinking, to expand your knowledge, to help you to become all that you can be …

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Idle Thoughts: March 3, 2012

QUOTABLE QUOTES: “We are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel when we should be using Nature’s inexhaustible sources of energy — sun, wind and tide. … I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until …

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People on the Move: March 3, 2012

Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker has been recruited by Wyndham Vacations Resorts Asia Pacific to head up sales operations for its vacation ownership business across Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia. Walker will be based at the Knox sales site in Victoria. He will also be responsible for sales sites in Nepean and Ballarat, Victoria; Seven Mile Beach, Tasmania …

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Getting BIGGER: March 3, 2012

Interval Leisure Group, parent company of Interval International, Trading Places International, Preferred Residences and Aston Hotels & Resorts, has now purchased Vacation Resorts International. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Headed up by founder, Chairman and CEO Roy I. Fraser, VRI was the nation’s largest independent timeshare resort management company and seasoned timeshare developer, …

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