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Mexico Timeshare News: January 4, 2014

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MEXICO CITY: Re: the TOTAL SCAM I discussed last week, where crooks in Mexico are convincing victims that the Mexican government is prosecuting timeshare scammers and have $10 million in settlement funds to allocate back to the victims. Well, the scam isn’t just being aimed at victims of the Grand Miramar scam.

I’ve heard from a couple who were lulled into believing the Secretaria de Hacienda y Crédito Público (Mexico’s IRS), aka SHCP aka “Hacienda” is going to send them $36,450 in remuneration for alleged fraud related to their Club Regina timeshare. Unfortunately, they had already bank-wired $2,552 to the scammers before they discovered last week’s exposé.

In this case the couple received a phone call from a man telling them he was an attorney for the SHCP, that he was letting them know a lawsuit had been filed due to fraudulent activity within the resort and that they were eligible for substantial reward monies. Same scam, different opening salvo.

Forged Bancomer letterMake no mistake, this is a sophisticated fraud. The documents they send to potential victims look very authentic — indeed, the bank documents authorizing the wire transfers ARE authentic, though other “bank” documents provided by the scammers are not (such as the one pictured here). The problem is that the money transfer, which goes to a legitimate bank account, does NOT go to any bank account related to the government. It goes straight to the fraudsters, who are then free to do with it as they wish. BBVA Bancomer (or any other bank), which is not a party to the fraud, is simply providing regular banking services to their depositors; they don’t know nothin’ ’bout no government remuneration program.

Let me reiterate to anyone out there who is contacted by these scammers:

  • An “agent” of the Mexican government is NOT contacting owners of Mexican timeshares to arrange remuneration to them as a result of timeshare fraud.
  • There is no multi-million dollar settlement fund set aside to to allocate to timeshare fraud victims, nor is the Mexican government involved in any lawsuit against a timeshare company/resort with money set aside for the same purpose.
  • If you receive an email or other communication using the email address contacto@secretariashcp-mx.com alleging to belong to an agent of the Secretaria de Hacienda y Crédito Público (SHCP) it is a fraud that has nothing to do with the Mexican government. UPDATE: another name and email address used is Diego Alvarez Martinez at depto.legal@secretariashcp-mx.com
  • The REAL domain name/website address for the Secretaria de Hacienda y Crédito Público is http://www.shcp.gob.mx/ Take note of the “.gob.mx/” suffix; all legitimate government agencies will end with that suffix.
  • The real SHCP is NOT working in conjunction with BBVA Bancomer (or any other bank) to send you any money.
  • The phone number +521-(554)-160-7982 is a private cellphone number that is not affiliated with the Mexican government.
  • Money you bank-wire to a legitimate bank in Mexico does NOT go to SHCP, it goes directly to an account set up by and for the scammers. You will never see that money again.
  • Once they have received those initial funds, they will usually try to get more from you, citing unexpected additional fees, taxes, etc. before your remuneration can be released.
  • If you are taken in by this scam, don’t be too embarrassed to report it, to splash your experience all over every ripoff/complaints/timeshare forum/website you can find (except for timesharescam.com, they’re spammers) as well as reporting it to the FBI, the FTC and any other US agency you think might take your complaint to heart. It doesn’t mean you’re stupid; lots of very smart people have been convinced by the legitimate-looking documentation and sincere patter that usually accompanies this type of scam, you were just one of them. Be a hero and help others avoid it!

In short, any time you as a timeshare owner are asked to wire money to a Mexico bank relevant to anything that is timeshare-related, you can be sure it’s a fraud. DON’T DO IT!

Here are two articles about Mexico Timeshare Fraud, one from Inside The Gate and the other from California’s Department of Real Estate. Read them and pass them around; the more publicity these frauds get, the fewer people will fall for them in the future!

The Mexico Escrow Scam (InsideTheGate.com)

Warning Regarding Latest Timeshare Fraud Scheme Involving Wire Transfers (California Department of Real Estate)

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  1. Barbel

    I was contacted by attorney Jaime Aguirre Gallegos on March 3, 2014 with the same story about Vallarta Gardens timeshare.Executives in custody & $10million to distribute. Phone number 52-554-162-9081. Francisco Molton Gutierrez from Bancomer contacted us on 3-11-14 to arrange payment to us, but we had to wire them over $15,000 and had 15 days to do that or the money will be given to Mexican citizens. Phone number 52-554-170-3616. On 3-12-14 Samuel Gutenberg called from the accounting department to get the transaction details finalized. Phone nunber 52-554-170-3616. I am headed to the Mexican Consulate tomorrow to show him this scam. Thank you for your site


    1. Mis Trustful

      We also were contacted by “atty.” Jaime Aguirre Gallegos at about the same time. We were suspicious as to why the Mexican government would be helping Americans to recover money from Mexican companies. However, when I googled “shcp” I found a similar government site with the same logo so I thought it was legit. Jaime sent documents to be filled out, scanned and emailed. My scanner wasn’t working so I took it to my son,who has an internet securities business. He didn’t trust them and called the number. The “secretary” who answered seemed confused when he asked what company he had called. He asked to speak to someone who speaks English and Jaime answered. He acted very guarded when he was asked who he represented and said we are the hacienda..like American IRS. When my son asked for the name of the office again he said SCHP at first, then corrected it to SHCP. My son told him we would call back.
      My son told me he recognized the “hold” music as coming from a free phone service and he said the number seemed to originate in Brazil.

      I decided I’d better search the net a little further to see if this was another scam. I’m so glad I found this site! I might have sent copies of contracts with signatures if I hadn’t.

      His email address does not end in gob.mx, His is depto.legal@shcp-mxgob.com.

      I usually don’t even talk to anyone anymore about selling the timeshare. I’m so sick of the scams. These people got me to listen
      by a new approach. Never again.


  2. Truiz

    At the end of Feb. 2014 I was also contacted by a representive of SHCP and his name was Misael Gomez Perez and stated that their were frozen bank accounts and they would take my info to the courts. In 2010 in Puerta Vallerta Mexico we were scammed by Modavi Resorts. Tried to get our money back from our credit card company but the refused to help( Bank of America) Anyway Mr Perez soon contacted me and said we won at the court and they would be awarding us 27,000.00 but first had to pay for the legal fees, 3800.00 or something like that. They dont know but I found this site and a few others and immediatly knew they were also trying to scam us. Bad enough it happened the first time and we are still paying that credit card balance off. Next they emailed me some official looking documents from Banks in Mexico etc. I reported it to the FBI tip line and also the FTC but dont know if they did anything. The Scammers are still calling me, guess they havent figured out that I figured out the scam.(March 10, 2014) The phone number is differnet tho it is 011-52-55-4631-9729 and Miseal has an accomplice his name is Josue Acosta Carrillo. Wish we could do something ourselves but dont know what else to do. Where else should this crime be reported???


  3. Just in time

    Just a few days ago Jan. 15th. 2014, I received a phone call from “an Attorney” from SHCP (Mexico’s IRS), going by the name of Josue Lopez Maldonado, Secretaria de Hacienda y Credito Publico,Phone number +521-(554)-160-7982. Josue said there was ongoing ligitation against Raintree Timeshare Resorts (RCI) & there is 10 Million dollars set aside for people that were unhappy about being lied to at the beginning of the sales pitch & during ownership, such as high Special Assessment Maintenance Fees & the whole nine yard that is associated with most of these transactions. Please don’t fall for the lie & get mixed up with a Timeshare is could be a nightmare!!! If you are a Timeshare owner & you want out, I don’t know of any legal way to get rid of the Timeshare, but please don’t fall for the “Josue” of this world. It’s sad,I thank God that I found out in time.


  4. uvcscam

    We were recently contacted out of the blue about a purchase of our Unlimited Vacation Club membership from a company called Gross Point Executives in New Orleans, LA. We were not satisfied with this vacation membership to begin with, so we were interested. After completing some of the upfront paperwork, as we believed this to be legitimate, we were asked to wire money for 20% Federal Taxes to a Mexican Escrow Account so that the funds may be released. We even received documentation from SAT office, escrow agent license (Roberto Morales), etc. We did this, wishfully thinking, however we then received a form indicating that we would need to pay additional State taxes for Quintana Roo, as the membership was for a hotel in Cancun. We are not going to fall for it this time, but curious if anyone else has heard of this company and this particular “scam”?


  5. Almost Stupid

    I to am so happy to find this site. Last week Jan.5,recieved a call stating it was from an attorney for the SHCP regarding a class action suite against Royal Sunset resort, Cancun MX, same number 01152554-160-7982. I never listen but this call sounded very convincing. I told them to send something to me by mail, they repeated my home address and name. This is scary to know someone in another country could find out these things. WHAT ELES do they know. What if anything can we as Americans do anything about this?


    1. Peter Gunn

      “WHAT ELES (sic) do they know. What if anything can we as Americans do anything about this?”

      Almost Stupid, in response to your question, you can advocate this public forum (the GateHouse) and free speech.


  6. Not again!!

    I was so glad to find this site! I don’t know if the Mexican Consulate knows what is going on, but I’m sure they would not like that Americans are being scammed. I received the same information from Ignacio Torres Arellano he said that he is a Attorney with S.H.C.P. and he said there is a 14% court fee charges that I would have to pay before the funds would be released. I told him I’m not sending you anything!! I will file a fraud complaint with Atty. General.!!


  7. Wiser AL

    Just a few days ago Jan. 5th. 2014, I received a phone call from “an Attorney” from SHCP (Mexico’s IRS), going by the name of KARLA RODRIGUEZ GARIBAY, Secretaria de Hacienda y Credito Publico, License #2932034. Phone number +521-(554)-160-7982. “KARLA” said there was ongoing ligitation against Raintree Timeshare Resorts (RCI) & there is 10 Million dollars set aside for people that were unhappy about being lied to at the beginning of the sales pitch & during ownership, such as high Special Assessment Maintenance Fees & the whole big lie that is associated with 99% of these transactions. Please don’t fall for this LIE & get mixed up in a Timeshare NIGHTMARE!! in the first place. If you are a Timeshare owner & you want out, I don’t know of any legal way to get rid of the Timeshare, but please don’t fall for the “KARLAS” of this world. It really ticks me off to have to weed out the TRASH, but I thank God I had enough sense to check online & found this web page & confirming my suspicions 100% about the BOGUS “Attorney” phone call. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s usually not true. If you encounter a similar incident, please file a fraud complaint with your Attorney General Office.


    1. gullible

      Thank you all so much for telling your stories, we were contacted by 2 attorneys from SHCP that wanted to go to court for us and dozens of other timeshare owners to get some of our money back. Long story short, She did go to court said she got over 90,00.00 back for us BUT there were court fees, of 13,053.96 to be wired to Scotiabank. We voiced our concerns, she then got us on our PC and showed us on a Spanish site, she was Diana Diaz Velarde LIC #6638611. My husband then told her we wanted to take the paperwork to an attorney. She was a little bothered, with that.We just got off the phone with her. She is expecting the wire transfer tomorrow. When I saw the phone number here on your site I could hardly believe it. Same number. Maybe tomorrow when she calls to see if we wired the money, we will tell here we are flying to Mexico city to bring her check and pick up ours personally. I am just so upset. Again Thank you all so much.



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