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Weekly Wisecrack: Sept. 16, 2017

angry baby

The Inheritance Pitch

“Now Betsy & Clyde what young families just like yours value the most is that this becomes part of your Estate. So, for example, when little Clyde Jr. here is all grown up you folks can ensure that your son, your future daughter in-law, your grandchildren and indeed your great grandchildren will have vacations throughout their lives, too.

“Why, 120 years from now…”

The Weekly Wisecrack is primarily (but not always) a snarky look inside the workings of the timeshare industry, usually from the viewpoint of sales and marketing representatives. Do you have a different point of view? Leave your own caption in the Comments if you’re so inclined…
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  1. Pitcheditonce

    “Why, 120 years from now, when this here fabulous property in Branson, MO will be sitting on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, little Clyde IV will be enjoying the benefit of your wise investment today.”



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